Friday, April 1, 2011

Just Joking

Being April Fools day, I can't pass up the opportunity to play a trick. I came to work early this morning to set my plan in motion. When Shauna the tech got in, I asked her to check the parvo dog in isolation for me - had to make sure the intravenous fluids were still running- and I told her how "lucky" I was to have one of these come in on my weekend to work. Shauna donned her gloves to check on Micky Gerbell. She tried to pass it on to the weekend tech, but they could not be convinced to go. A blood curdling scream was heard when she opened the door to isolation - I had placed a gerbil from the pet store we take care of. Priceless. She was not the only person to get it as well, I quickly put the gerbil in the cat room with a blanket over top - Erin, the tech that was looking after kennels, was asked to bring the nervous cat that was in the room. She put on the big leather gloves and slowly opened the kennel door, only to see Micky running in his wheel. Luckily I was in surgery today, so I was safe from any retaliation. For the moment that is. If you can't have fun at work, where can you have fun?

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