Friday, April 8, 2011

Getting In A Little Training -And I Do Mean Little

A week ago, Jill Brodie stopped by for a visit, and we got in some training. She brought out her young dogs, and I took some action shots.

I then gave the camera to Jill and asked her to take a shot of me working my dogs.

This is what she got. Finally she got one of me and Floss - working on the drive for the big trip in Bluegrass. Then I found this little button on my camera to take continuous shots, and took my own shots of Floss. I think I am going to like this function on this camera. I may train a little tomorrow before going off to big Saskabush for my exam. The weekends are slipping by quickly - soon it will be the instinct herd testing, followed by the Calvin Jones clinics. Then it will be the Bluegrass - yikes. I have convinced myself it will be a great holiday. Not working Gin much at all with her pups, so we will see how that works out. Floss may turn out alright, but certainly won't hold my breath. Had an invite to help with some demos at the festival they have at the Bluegrass, that may turn out to be the only sheep they see prior to their runs. Look for my book - "Training At The Trial Field" - bound to be a bestseller.

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