Thursday, April 14, 2011

We Passed....

...gas...stations this week, and I can't believe the jump in price. Will possibly have to rob banks to pay for fuel fill ups for the dog trial season. I was totally ill this morning when I saw, yet again, a covering of white stuff on the ground, most of it flying sideways. Spring will be a very short season this year, or summer will be, depending if it ever gets above 20 C. Found out I passed the Saskatchewan Veterinary Medical Association exam this week. The passing grade was 70, and I got 92 (whew, guess I spelled my name right this time). So now, it is just nailing our family name on a new place - in which we still don't have. Right now, the cows are calving, and also the ewes are popping lambs, so it is hard to get away and look anywhere. Lisa Wright showed me a great place next to her place near Athabasca, who knows, maybe the test in Saskatchewan will all be for nothing. The only question is - could I stand Lisa as a neighbor? Or better yet said, could she stand us as neighbors? In any road, our spirits are still fairly good relating to the purchasing/moving aspect- it is probably due to the spirits we drink that keep our spirits high.


  1. Wendy, maybe look for ranches in the Robson Valley - there are some beautiful ones for sale here!

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