Sunday, April 24, 2011

Dare I Say?

Spring has sprung!! I have been working up in Wetaskiwin for the last week, and finally there seems to be an end to all of this snow. Also, with the coming of spring, is also the coming of many babies. The calves are coming along nicely, the lambs are bounding behind them, and then there are the countless number of pups I have been delivering at the clinic. It started with the delivery of 2 bouncing baby Bull Mastiffs (they weighed about 1 pound each), and about 12 hours later, the squeals of 4 Chihuahuas were born (weighing about 5 oz each). Five Labrador Retrievers came into the world the other day as well - they were all black. Heaven knows how one can tell them apart. The bulldog puppies - I have lost count on these guys. I do remember the one born on April 19th - they called it Wendy after me. Wendy the bulldog, a grand bitch I imagine it will be. I think it would be easier on these guys if I could put a zipper in so that it is easier for all involved - especially the mothers involved. I am awaiting a call from an English Sheepdog breeder - who knows, maybe it will be an unassisted birth. I do believe that is how mother nature intended it to be in any case.
The progesterone is flowing around here - pinpointing the exact moment when either AI or surgical implants are to be done. I might miss these ones being born, they will be likely in early July - and I hope I am on some good trial field with my dogs. In two weeks will be the trip down to the Bluegrass - so far, not much training has been done on my part. Louanne is going to pop down on the 30th to do a little practice - with the dogs as well as with some cider due to an upcoming 29th birthday of Louanne's. Darn this training stuff is hard on a person's liver.


  1. I knew I always liked you. I have been trying to train the husband to say 29th but he still doesn't get it.

  2. Takes about 15 years to train one - but then they get alzheimers, and then you have to start all over again.