Sunday, March 21, 2010

2010 Clock Stock and Barrel

Well, the sheep handled quite differently today, and there were a few more pens than yesterday. They took the top two of each day, and the top 2 aggregate scores. The top two from yesterday was Bob Stephens and Pete and Brian Douthwaite and San. Today, Bob Stephens and Pat, and Carl Sneddon and Fan were the top dogs. Louanne Twa and Isla and myself and Gin were the two with the top aggregate scores - so we rounded up the 6 finalists. Bob and Pete set the standard at 1:20, so we had to whip and spur. I unfortunately whipped too hard and Gin grabbed some fleece. In the end, Bob and Pete was first, Brian and San was 2nd, Carl and Fan was third, Louanne and Isla was fourth, Bob and Pat were fifth and I and Gin rounded up the end. Lots of people in the stands to watch, and the trial went pretty well. There is always some griping from some, but it wouldn't be a dog trial if everyone was happy. After we were done in the morning, I and Gin went back doing what we did for the past 4 days - chasing ducks around....flocking ducks. Well they didn't flock too much, they were done with the whole thing by the end of the day. Nothing worse than an ornery flocking duck.

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