Thursday, March 11, 2010

My feet are getting itchy

No, it's not athlete's foot! Coming up on Saturday is a trial up in Grande Prairie, Alberta. Going to pick up some fellas and their dogs (Abe Marshall and Corey Perry) and see what havoc we can raise up north. Going to bring a couple of young dogs and see if I can embarass myself. At least they should be able to find the sheep. You must be able to be humbled sometimes when your trialing, or you won't survive. You can be a champion one day, and crap the next - or in my case, in the matter of minutes really. What you have to remember that it really doesn't matter. It's only a dog trial! Which makes me realize, I never said how we did at the Bull Sale. I had brought Fly and Gin, Chris brought Jill and our nephew Jim brought Bill. There was 20 dogs, and they let the first 10 go to the finals. There should be an award for the crying hole, I have been in it so many times. Fly was 11th. Gin was an astounding 20th (no thanks for me - I disqualified her by sending her before the gate was close - note to self - remember the rules). Chris and Jim got their dogs in though. In the end, Denae Frew and her dog Bram was first, Shawna Burton and her dog was Reserve. Chris and Jill finished third, and Jim and Bill finished fourth - so really, I don't think we did that bad in the end at all! And Mike the horse - he got a new home in Langdon - I am sure they will be happy with him.

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  1. Goood to know..remember the rules ;-))) you know it is the simple things in life, eh?