Thursday, March 25, 2010

There is a God

Yes, this is post number two today, but some things have to be told. This is Stan, a 4 year old stud horse. He is feeling is oats, so that is why is he locked up tighter than a Brinks armored vehicle. Yesterday, my nephew Joey, who is 8, saw the mean side of this guy. He went to send him to water, and Stan went after him. No good hayburner I said (okay, I said a little worse). This morning, I was walking all the dogs, which has to go by him, when one of the 5 week old puppies decided he would get closer to Stan. In fact, I held my breath as Mitch went between the stud's legs and bumped them. I should say that this stud has had little handling, so imagine my terror when this was occurring. Stan however, just looked between his legs and allowed the pup to go his merry way. Even though Stan showed a softer side, it doesn't mean that his jewels will remain. We will remove those auxillary brains today - there is a God for Mitch, not necessarily for Stan.

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