Monday, March 29, 2010

Busy Weekend

Corey and his 5 month old pup

Working Floss

Wayne and his new dog

Wayne giving Penny tips

Penny Caster working her magic

It all started on Friday, I decided to take all of the dogs and get their hips done. They look good on preliminary - but we will let the Gods of the OFA registry decide. Jill had fallen through a texas gate last fall, was sore for awhile, but now is sound -the radiograph though showed some changes to her patella (knee cap) - Well I suppose if you work them, things will happen. These aren't freeloaders we have around here, they have to earn their dog food. Luckily I have my drug dealers on speed dial.

Went up to Corey Perry's on the next day to train some dogs - Penny Caster and Wayne Robertson showed up as well. Had a really good day, the sun was shining, it was really warm, and nobody got really upset with their dogs since they were having a good day as well. We talked dogs, talked training, and then talked some more. Sometimes is monotonous training by yourself, so I find it like a boost to train with someone else - helps with those young dogs to teach them to lift off of someone. I have a bit of time off this summer, so I would like to visit a few people and train with them (I guess this is a warning for all dog trialers who read this).

My weekend ended with myself going to a course on vomiting cats and dogs. Guess what - dogs and cats vomit by different factors. Guess what - you still bolt straight up in bed when you hear the workings of a good hork at 3 am in the morning- cat or dog. They should use it as an alarm.


  1. You can visit us anytime!!!!From Bev

  2. Gettin' ready for the trail season huh? Holly