Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Rubber boots

Things are getting pretty wet around here - thinking the sheep will have to find their own hip waders. Bringing out new dogs and doing some training, the stars must be aligned right, they seem to be learning things quite easily.
Cliff the Jack Russell is doing well - you would never know he had three legs. Mike the Great Pyranese never saw eye to eye, and one day he bit Cliff's leg. It was a heck of a break and unable to heal, and I decided that it would come off. Hasn't slowed him down any though!! He, however, makes a wide berth around Mike now. He is going to have a jacket saying "You think I got it bad, you should see the Great Pyranese - he is singing in high notes now!"
Cliff's son Freddy seems to come by it honestly - as you can see he has great control over this Charlais bull - or maybe the bull is getting a good massage. Sometimes when you own a Jack Russell you just have to look away.

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