Saturday, March 20, 2010

Clock, Stock and Barrel and Aggie Days

We had 28 dogs run today at Clock, Stock and Barrel - there were only 5 dogs with pens today. The top two of each go round and the top two accumulative will get to go to the Sudden Death on Sunday. There is still a chance with everyone to get in tomorrow. I like it when there is another chance to get into the finals - if one crapped out on the first run, at least there is still a chance. It is as they say, it ain't over until the fat lady sings (LA,LA,LA). I did get a pen with Gin today and one with Fly (well okay, timed out just as I was closing gate - someone said it was 4:00:09). The sheep are what you make them - don't tick them off, and they won't tick you off.
Did a few more Duck Demos today - Gin was on her game. I brought Floss out to test her out, and I do believe a small child now has an imprint of either Floss's butt, a duck's butt or a duck's foot on her forehead. For all I know, it may be all three since it happened so fast. I can see the Calgary Herald headlines now "Amber Alert-Child is Flossed at Aggie Days".

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