Thursday, March 18, 2010

Aggie Days

What is this Aggie Days - well, 3000 (yes 3000) children come to Stampede Park in Calgary to learn about the country. That number corresponds PER DAY. I have taken things for granted, having grown up on a farm and been on one since marriage - I know where the milk comes, where the egg comes from, and the bacon comes from (no, not from your local Walmart). I and my dogs have been there to exhibit the stockdog and to explain the usefulness of a trained dog. Of course, seeing is believing, and we have ducks (taking big bills to the big city) there to shift about. It does open alot of eyes up just what the dogs can do. Then, of course, the hoards of kids (and adults) have to come and pet the dogs. I didn't realize how tiring petting was for the dogs, but they have been crashing consistently everyday at 3 pm. Good place to socialize the young ones as well. And everyone has a tidbit on how their border collie or cross or other type of herding dog would nip their heels as kids. I just gently remind them of the nature of the stockdog, that if they don't have a job to do, they will find their own work to keep them occupied.

We will do three days of this, then on Saturday and Sunday will be the Clock, Stock and Barrel Arena trial during Aggie Days. Someone asked me won't my dogs be tired after working ducks three times a day for three days. Honestly, if that is all it takes to tire them out, I had better find a different line for athleticism. Guess there will be 30 dogs at this trial, alot of stiff competition. Perhaps we will have an edge by working the ducks.... flocking ducks. We will see.

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