Sunday, August 29, 2010

And The Western Canadian Finals Are Final

Well, the continuing saga of the Western Canadian Finals continue. I had a pretty good score with Fly going in, and needed another fair run to get in - but it wasn't in the cards (or sheep). They decided to go off course into the the camping section during the fetch, thus a disqualification. Fly did get them out of the camper's village and bring them back on course-funny how the year before there was a silent gather, in the same field, in the same direction, and she won it - could she be getting old? Gin had a pretty fair run, I missed the second set of drive panels because I wanted a close turn - and maybe if I would have got them, I would have been in the finals - we missed getting in by 6 points - close but no cigar!
I stayed in Maple Creek as long as I could, but since I had the kids with me, and they had to go home, I packed them up, and most of the dogs, and flew back home. I also had a wedding to go to of my neice's, which I missed, but planned to go to the reception. It was a quick trip home, and by the time I got to Calgary it was 9:30 - lost trying to find the Glencoe Golf Club. There I was - dressed up and nowhere to go. I thought, this has been a great anniversary for Chris and I today (17 years)-him setting sheep for the Western Canadians, and myself getting lost in Calgary for a reception. I turned around and went home and went to bed - a sleep I needed desperately. Maybe God was thinking about me, because as I was curled up on the couch watching Coronation Street, the top 10 in Maple Creek were wallowing in clay due to a storm that hit during the night. Tractors had to be used (I am told) to get campers out of the field.

Congratulations to the following.
1. Ian Zoerb and Freckles (also winner of Jean Walker Memorial Trophy and Driving Champion)
(he may have to increase the size of his truck for the large head he may have).
2. Dale Montgomery and Zip - Reserve Champion (and winner of Best Shed)
3. Joann Zoerb and Mik
4.Jennifer Larivee and Spot (something tells me this is her first double lift!)
5. Bob Stephens and Pete
6. Lee Lumb and Chica
7 Louanne Twa and Isla (her first double lift - way to go!!)
8George Stambulic and Kate
9 Chris Jobe and Fly
10 Milton Scott and Ben (Winner of Best Pen)

The winner of the Nursery Finals was Lee Lumb and Jeb, Reserve Champion was Donald Grant and (I believe) Brutus. This is Don's first trial season, and has done well. Lisa Wright was third with her new bitch (after a stellar run for the second run), and I was fourth with Creed.

Most of the handlers are going to Meeker, Soldier Hollow and such, and wish them good luck! I still wish I could go down as well, but I better become responsible, which is a hard thing to do. After 3 weeks though, Fly and Gin and I are going to travel with Corey Perry and Jill and tackle the USBCHA Finals in Virginia - maybe we are saving the best for last? Only time will tell.

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