Monday, August 23, 2010

EID Classic's a Classic

Well, went to Ian and Joann Zoerb's trial - EID Classic - fifth year and running well. They had 85 dogs to run per day, and Herbert Holmes of Texas was the judge. He was the fellow who shaved my hair off in Oregon last year (there are pictures in a past post). Had a good time - got Fly into the double lift -we finished last, but someone has to be last right? Was trying to show off driving panels and it bit me in the butt. Oh well, still glad the old girl could hold her own and get in. Along with the multitude of dogs we have brought (7 jack russells, 15 border collies and 5 border collie puppies), also brought our 4 horses (Chris had set for EID and will be setting for Shaunovan and the Westerns), and our 2 nephews and 1 niece. The kids have been really good (auntie has the eye - they know when they have stepped out of turn). I really don't know how mothers handle it - I am exhausted. It is likely the little things that they say that make you laugh. I was telling a fellow handler I had wished I had got my shed and pen with Gin and Hanna, the three year old, piped up and said, "Me and Grandma can buy you a pen!" - and then found a nice pen in the truck for me. Joey, her brother, ran his dog Joy, and the last day we got up (which was 5 am every morning), it was a hard thing to get the sleep out of his eyes. I asked if this was too much, did he want to go home or do more dog trialing. His response - "I want to go to a dog trial." He is even critiquing other dogs now - I may have created a monster.

You would have thought the straw of the camel should have been this morning - we stayed over at the trial field and we slept in our stock trailer - the kids in the truck. The kids woke up happy, and we went on the road again. I have just struck "sleeping in a trailer" off my list of things I must do before I die. Who needs a bed and breakfast, where you get the fragrance of roses, when one can get the soft smell of horse manure all day after sleeping in a trailer?

Found a library in Shaunovan to write this blog, and once again, will have to do pictures at a later date. We are here for a couple of days for the Shaunovan Classic, and then back towards Maple Creek for the Western Finals. On the Saturday I have a wedding in Calgary to fly back to - I really must be crazy. But it is still fun.

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