Monday, August 30, 2010

Ten Days Of Trialing - Calgary Stampede Can't Top This

These will be the play by play description of our whirlwind dog trialing trip.
First it was to Brooks, Alberta for the EID Classic. I took a picture of the field on the day the fog settled in. We needed GPS to find the sheep and the dogs.
We had loaded up our four horses for the trip because each trial wanted the sheep settled by horse. Chris Hanson was on the mighty steed Toad (he's mighty since he is mine).

Chris (my Chris) rode Arnold (aka Widowmaker), Ben and Jan. There was a 2 second ride on Arnold that was done after 8 hours of riding - he had enough of working sheep. Sorry, no picture of that air flight.

Chris wore two hats - setter and handler.

We had brought our niece Hanna, and nephews Joey and Mathew along for the ride. Mathew worked up at the pens with the sheep, Joey came to run his Joy dog, and Hanna ran Auntie off of her feet. It is exactly 100 paces from watching the trial to the outhouse.
Joey also was my photographer of the trip - What's Up?
Joey had some competition with Joy this year - he was beaten narrowly by Grant Musgrove's daughter Bailey. The young ones are here to remind us old guys that this is all for fun. I hope these youngsters carry on. On the third day of the trial, Joey was literally walking in his sleep. I asked whether he wanted to go home or go to the next trial. His response - "I want to go dog trialing."
Here I am with Gin (I think) - Joey was taking the pictures. Thought he was pretty good getting both the horse and sheep in the shot.
Naps were taken anytime there was an opportunity.

Hanna giving Gin a massage.
Watching the line from any angle is the key to having a good run. Hanna helped with the line all of the time.
The last day, it was a little rainy - I maintained that the sun would shine by keeping on my shorts. Joann Zoerb was a great host, and she got into the double lift with Mik.
I got Fly into the double lift, didn't do spectacular. Dog trialing is humbling-from hero to zero in 10 minutes.
Ian Zoerb took time to relax when he could. Once again, a well run trial, and very good time was had. George Stambulic and Kate was the winners when the final tallies were done.

Then it was on to Shaunovan, Saskatchewan. Hanna became very proficient in blowing a whistle. Perhaps she will trial as well, but right now she wants to be a model.

Mathew took a well deserved rest from working in the pens. Glad to say the kids stayed well behaved during the trip - Auntie can growl when she needs to.
Joey ran Joy in the novice class. Joy is a little slow and couldn't keep the sheep from the exhaust, but some adults had trouble as well.
Some people showed great anxiety waiting at the post.

There was time to visit with family. Chris's Uncle Joe lives in Shaunovan. He came every day to watch the dogs.
Then it was off to Maple Creek. Except for a clutch problem in the truck, the event was uneventful. The kids were still good, and Reese Amonson and Joey became businessmen and open their own bottle depot. Gummie bear stocks were increased this weekend. Here they are managing the mighty Toad.

Joey toodled around on Ben when he had a chance.

Joey and Joy had an exhibition run at Maple Creek. It was a great field.

On Saturday I took the kids home. I think Hanna will likely sleep for a week. I know I sure could.


  1. Looking forward to a good laugh with you (not about your run - hopefully we will be celebrating that!) at the national finals. Unless you were a really good friend and canceled so another friend could get in... :)

  2. I would love to, but I am very selfish:)

  3. Thanks for the great report and pix! Almost like being there....NOT! Sounds like y'all had a great week+ of fun and dogs.