Monday, August 9, 2010

The Feeling Continues!!

Well, it has been a great trip to Kingston. After two rounds, I and Gin got in the double lift at the Kingston Sheep Dog Trials by the skin of our teeth - I am not sure about Gin, but I do believe I created another ulcer watching the rest of the dogs run until the fat lady sang (LA LA). There was about 20 dogs that if they had a good run, would have bumped us out of the double lift finals. Christine Henry and Robin French and I all had 145s going in, and with the help of some pixie dust, judiciously placed on some runs (sorry people) - we all got in. Sunday was a good day to run, not too hot at all. I ran 11th, and I and Gin watched all the previous runs (okay, well Gin played with a stick most of the time). When we went up, Robin and Zac had a 234, which was leading the competition - when Gin and I finished, we had a 234 as well. WE COMPLETED OUR FIRST INTERNATIONAL SHED AND PEN!!!! Is really too bad Gin crossed over on her 2nd outrun (totally my fault, didn't set her up right, and was trying to show off a swallowtail - I will know better next time). Cripes, IF we had done the 2nd outrun right, and IF we got full points, it would have been a score of 274, which would have beat Amanda and Clive's 269 score. So, in my little brain, Gin and I won the 2010 Kingston Sheep Dog Trial. However, in reality, Amanda and Clive won it, Robin French and Zac was 2nd and we were third (tie break due to the outrun, lift and fetch). It was a great trial, and those who haven't made it yet - please do, you won't be disappointed!

Pixie dust is now being made for the next month. You can buy yours at 1-800 PIX DUST. If you ask nicely, I will give you some of mine.


  1. Nice to meet you in person and a pleasure to watch your runs. You and Gin had a beautiful run in the finals - "cool as a cucumber" in the shed. Very smooth.

    I will keep that Pixie Dust number handy. I will be ordering by the truck load.
    Hope your trip home was uneventful.
    (Cattle Dog/ Kelpie girl)

  2. Hey you, great job on the DL and IS. And i TOTALLY want some of that pixie dust, it's awesome stuff!!!!

  3. Oh btw, i'm right there with you - in my mind, i closed that darned pen gate before that ewe escaped, so i won the trial too, LOL! It was great meeting you, see you at the finals.