Friday, August 27, 2010

The Challenge of Saskatchewan

Well, after EID, we loaded up the kids, dogs, horses and ourselves and went to the Shaunavon Classic. The sheep were a little tricky - very flighty at the pen, so there were only a few pens. Bob Stephenson was the judge, and in the end, Scott Glen's Don was the Big Weiner. Fly and Gin fared not too badly, but did not make any money (paid to top 4 spots, and then overall awards). It was a great, well run trial, and Jamie VanRyn and her group should be very proud of themselves. It sounds like the Shaunavon Classic may be Saskatchewan's Meeker with the town's support.
It was during this trial that Stormy Winters showed his prowess as a reproductive expert when he noticed my Creed had mastitis (and Scott Glen and Herbert Holmes almost lost all their drinks through their noses). Creed is my two year old male.
I am not sure what the travel gods are doing, but they always rear their ugly head on some of our trips. The clutch of our truck went, and Chris, the kids and the horses limped to Maple Creek for the Western Canadian Championship. Thanks to fellow handlers, my trialing family was saved, and brought to the trial field. We bunked down in several campers for the night, and I found out I am very partial to Fresca (and Vodka) - a delightful beverage.
We finished our first run at Maple Creek for the Western Canadian Championships - George Stambulic and Kate was first with 88, Fly is tied at 7/8 with a 75, and Gin, bless her heart, crossed over and spent 19 points - we ended up with a 55. We are thinking about a 150 to get into the double lift - which will be held on Sunday. Creed ran not too bad - finishing 3rd for the day, Floss had fun today - will definitely have to work on her drive.
On Saturday, I will run early, and then make a quick trip back to Calgary for a wedding, and take the kids back. Our truck will be ready on Monday (they say) and we will be able to come home. I will pray to the trial gods tonight - I definitely want to play again!

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