Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Finally Pictures!!

Finally the internet has returned, so here are a few pictures from the trip to Kingston.
No trip to Kingston is complete without visiting the Kingston Penitentiary.

And then there are the big ships that can go through the seaway.
Kingston skyline.

A little history in Fort Henry can be found.
Our friends, Greg and Carolyn Hale who I stayed with, has a daughter who goes every summer with the cadets. When they graduate they show off their ability to do marching drills.

They were real troopers when there was a sudden downfall of rain. They only packed up when the lightening came.

Then there was the Kingston Trial of course - 110 dogs over 4 days.

Handlers names would be in lights for the crowds to watch. They expected 9 thousand people over the weekend to come for the dogs. I had actually ran into a couple from Didsbury, Alberta who had changed their annual flight back to see family in Ontario specifically to watch the dogs run.

There was crafts of every sort - weaving, pottery, clothing, dog related material. Honestly, everyone should experience it at least once.
The handlers are always treated to entertainment on the Saturday night before the double lift. This year, bellydancers graced the floor.

Notice how Dick Williams was front and center for the show.
This girl was quite good, and did amazing things with this sabre. No limbs were lost in her dance.
After the entertainment, the handlers were fed a great supper.

The day of the double lift, the crowds were treated to participant from Fort Henry.

Even though the day was full of rain, there was still a huge crown which came out just to watch the dogs.
Here Gin and I started out on our drive.

And then we did the shed.
It was slow going, but we got it accomplished with 3 points taken off.
I had about 3 1/2 minutes left when I got to the pen.
When we finally got the sheep in, we had about 1/2 minute left on the clock. The whole 25 minutes were needed in this course.

We got out of the rain to get the group pictures done.

The final scores.
Great times, great people, great trial.


  1. Wendy! Make your pictures bigger! I enjoy looking at them, I just can't see them!