Monday, August 16, 2010

August - Trials and Tribulations

Well I was hoping to get some pictures up on here, but the day after I arrived home from Ontario, there was a thunderstorm, and knocked out service to those of us with dial up, and Telus has no idea when it will be fixed. Possibly it is the techno gods telling us to get with the times. We'll give it some time yet. Nonetheless, life goes on. We went to Ponoka yesterday for an arena trial during their Country Fair. Russ Finlay, Corey Perry, Carl Sneddon, George Walker and Norm Schmuland were there (plus myself) to compete with our dogs. First we ran on Russ's hair sheep, and then the second run was on Norm's wool sheep. The top five that got in was Carl and Fan, Russ and Bryn, Corey and Jill, Norm and Rose and myself and Creed. Yes Creed, - Norm's sheep took Fly and Gin out of the running - and my young dog got in. I have decided he will likely make a better field dog than an arena dog. The day before I did a little training on him, and he was about 95% correct on his flanks. At the trial, he turned out to be 50%. And he didn't have a lie down at all - thus our 5th place finish. After the trial, we went back to the field, and he was back to his 95% plus. Guess they all can't do it all, maybe it is his age - perhaps it is my anxiousness in the arena - perhaps he is an idiot. The jury is still out.
Today, I worked the sheep on my young dogs - Floss and Hope. They are both coming along quite nicely. I think I have Floss entered at the next upcoming trial - basically it will be a donation - I have this thought you should have them out there just to get exposure to it. Who knows, maybe she will get her first leg for the nursery for next year. Or possibly she will get her first leg of lamb.
Chris is busy finishing up haying - he will be setting sheep at the EID, Shaunavon Classic and Western Canadian Finals - guess it is our holiday. We'll be bringing our niece Hanna and her brothers Joey and Mathew, and all of our dogs. Haven't figured out where we will put everyone yet - I may have to stuff the kids in with the dogs as well, they are small enough.
After all of these trials, I am going to relax and get back to work. I had taken the summer off this year, and it certainly has gone by fast. I came to the realization that life is short, and one should make as much out of it as possible - thus the next decision. I have it in my head to go to the Worlds in England next year with Gin. If she continues to run like she does, I shouldn't make too much of a fool of myself. It is too bad Fly is getting older - this will likely be her last year in the field - she sure is running nice these days. She sure has taught me a lot in her lifetime. I really hope some of her offspring can fill in her shoes in the years to come.
I imagine I have just tempted fate, and now we will run like crap on these upcoming trials. And when we do, I will remember, it still is fun, and the dogs are having fun - and in the big world, it doesn't really matter. And if there are any handler who reads this, and I am looking glum after my runs in the next couple of weeks- do me a favor and kick me in the butt. But not too hard.


  1. Woot! Woot! I think it would be an AMAZING experience to run at Worlds! Life is short - make the most of it! Good luck!

  2. I'll kick your butt at EID if you kick mine!

  3. Have your boots on - there will likely be a few butts to kick :)