Thursday, September 2, 2010

Back To Work I Go

As everyone else has gone off to more dog trialing, I have returned to work after a summer hiatus - a break that I felt was well deserved. However, it feels like I never left. Spays, neuters, quills and impacted anal glands - these are a few of my favorite things (Julie Andrews eat your heart out). I have brought Gin and Fly with me since after my 17 day in a row stint, we will be going off to Virginia for the finals - I hope to redeem myself and the dogs. Possibly the break will do them good, but do want to do some brushing up before we go - Norm Schmuland is close by, so will likely stop by at his place and do some sheep stuff.

When we were at the last dog trial in Maple Creek, the clutch went on our truck - here it is a week later and Chris is still stranded in the big metropolis of Maple Creek. Not looking forward to that bill. I wonder if it was planned that way - they had it "fixed" and Chris never even left the yard, since he couldn't get it into reverse. Never trust a one handed mechanic.

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