Friday, September 24, 2010

La, La, Laaaaaaa! The Fat Lady Sings.

Sorry District 9, sorry about the bad luck. Cheer up, 64.2 is not a bad average for your team. We know District 10 brought about a 111.3 average - I even helped to decrease it a bit with my run with Fly today, walking off after a single ewe really didn't want to play with the others. Proud to say, Fly did her best under the circumstances - being about 2 weeks from whelping. She was fit, she worked her heart out, and that is all I could ask.

After it was apparent that District 9 did all that they could do, I then whipped up a little more pixie dust to use for Gin. Cripes, I may even get into the semi-finals! The day was very hot today - hi 90's - and the dogs dropped like flies. Some were suprising - Alasdair McCrae and Star retired when she ran very wide, and was going to the next county. The real nice run of the day was Tom Forrester and Pete - made it look effortless. I don't think Gin will be standing heat for him at this time, and am really contemplating to leave her behind to get bred. It is either that, or bring her home and breed to Scott and Jenny Glen's Don or Pleat. What to do, what to do.

The drawing order is up, and I believe we can carry on the District 9 versus 10 competitions further. District 9 has two dogs in (Amanda Milliken's Clive and Roz), and District 10 has my Gin, and Scott Glen's Maid and Don. Gin runs second from last, so I think that will be a good time of the day, and will also know what kind of run that would have to be done, to (hopefully) get into the finals - top 17 dogs.

They are doing the semifinals and the finals via the web (on the national finals website you can find it to watch). I am told that I have to wear appropriate clothing for the casting - tv puts and extra 10 pounds on you (like I need any). Stripes may be in order tomorrow - or a tent dress. Running starts at 7:30 tomorrow, the day is supposed to be in the 80's.

Corey and I went out for supper with some handlers, and Vikki Kidd did do a partial payment of the bet. I wanted her to sing karoake, but even two marguitas wouldn't persuade her. It could have persuaded me though. Maybe there will be singing tomorrow night - the possibility is most likely. This is my third finals, and my second time being in the semifinals (Fly did it the first time round). But the most important thing I have learned on this trip was.....DISTRICT 10 WHIPPED DISTRICT 9'S BUTT. WHIPPED AND SPURRED!!!!


  1. And that is your version of being kind to us in District 9 - even after I bought the drinks at dinner! Such friends have I...