Thursday, September 23, 2010

Tourist Day in West Virginia

This morning myself, Corey and Vikki Kidd went to the next state to do the tourist thing. We went to Harper Ferry. This was an established town in the late 1700's, and lies where the Shenandoah and Potomac Rivers converge. Flood has decimated it several times over the years, and now is a National Park. Not being one for knowing a lot of history, it was a place that housed an armory (gun factory), where abolitionist John Brown raided the armory (and the government quickly charged him with treason and a quick necktie), where a battle during the Civil war occurred, where the Underground Railroad started (no one can show me where it is been dug out), and where the first college where African Americans could go to (closed in 1955).
There was a fair amount of walking 45 degrees uphill, and saw Jefferson's Rock as well. It is said he commented on the view up there, but I am sure he said "What the hell was I thinking??!! Does anyone have a glass of water?" There was a tourist who was well into his 70's ahead of me, and made sure that I reached the top as well. Beyond this rock, and up higher, was the town's cemetery. I was surprised there were not pre-dug graves for those people who collapsed from climbing the hill. This walk was .8miles, only a start for the Appalachian Trail. Did I mention it was mid 90's today?
Got back to the trial field, and it appears that after dinner, the sheep become very pliable and better than the morning. Most likely they are so bloody hot, they don't want to move, and a dog can handle them better. I should be running Fly about 10 am tomorrow. It will be hot, and I expect the sheep will be at their best (being their worst). Not sure what will be the bottom getting into the semifinals, but Gin is hanging in there for the moment. There are the likes of Tommy Wilson, Denis Gellings and Bill Berhow running yet tomorrow.
The fight between District 10 and 9 is close to becoming an end. Two more District 9's folded today (Fiona Robertson and Linda Comeau), Amanda Milliken and Roz got a 151. Scott Glen and Maid got 163, and Jean Gellings and Star got 134. Let us do the math. Average District 9 is 54.8, with 1 more to go, and District 10 has an average of 130.0 and two more to go. It isn't over until the fat lady sings, but I think I will be singing tomorrow!


  1. You go girl!!! Thanks for the great blogs :)

  2. Damn that Pixie Dust .... mutters a district 9 resident.

    Perhaps your Pixie Dust will give you some much needed cloud cover during your run. Best of Luck with Fly.