Monday, September 20, 2010

The Day Of Travelling

Corey Perry and I left with our dogs from Edmonton at 1PM, and our attendant was a person called Corey, with the same birthday as myself. Was this a sign of above - possibly things were going to go well on our trip? After the kennels being scanned and xrayed by security, and ourselves being scanned as well, we made an uneventful trip to Toronto. Once again we had to get scanned, as well as the kennels, again. Fly's kennel got stuck in the xray machine, and by the time it got out, it looked like it had been run through a combine - not an easy thing to crack a kennel, but they managed to do it. Okay, so that was just a slight derail. We got to Baltimore, and Corey ran like a chicken with his head cut off to get a rental car before things closed - our flight was the last one to land. Finally, we got our car, and luckily Corey reminded me of my crook on the top of the car. I had faked lameness to get them on the flights up to this point - would have been stupid to lose the crook after all that - not that I looked any brighter trying to remember which leg I was lame on. Then Annie came into the picture - our tour guide to get us to our hotel destination. "At your next available position, make a U-Turn. Recalculating." Annie, SHUT UP ALREADY!! We know where we are going! Okay, we may have run over an opossum getting to that destination, but we got to the hotel in one piece (sorry, can't say that about the opossum though). We went to bed at 3am, plans to get up by 8pm to get to the trial. Garbage men come at 8:45 - yes, I was a little late - not something I am known for. We watched the trial - Alasdair McCrae and Coll came out on top. We have decided that the real competition will be between District 9 and 10 contestants - basically Eastern Canada and Western Canada. Keep on tabs here while Fly, Gin, Jill, Jake, Jan, Star, Don, Maid, Hemp and Lad take on Clive, Roz, Merle, Beauty, Coal, Tap, Bet and Moss. Average score will determine winner. They are getting us to do a 110 point course tomorrow. Shed (one having a collar in the mix) two, and then single an uncollared ewe before penning. Hopefully the shedding gods will hear my prayers tonight. I don't want to let my team down.


  1. Keep those updates coming, Wendy. Sounds like the adventure is well underway. Good luck to you and Corey and your dogs and to the rest of the competitors (east and west). May the best team win!

  2. Great blog Wendy! Good luck to both districts...but just a bit more (and maybe a pinch of pixie dust) for District 10. ;-)