Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Heat Goes On

Whew, real scorcher today - at 8:40 at night it is still 83 degrees Fahrenheit (for you metric people - it is the temperature where even your back of your knees sweat). District 10 had two more competitors compete - Denis Gellings and Jan had a 114 (lot of crazy stuff happening), and Jenny Glen and Lad unfortunately retired. I was about to kick Jenny's butt and tell her to get back on there since District 10 must win - but thought it was best to leave well enough alone. Only the handler knows whether their dog is on track or not. Mary Thompson and Coal had a bit of bad luck, and she was disqualified at the shedding ring. Quick tabulations, and District 10 has an average of 111.4 (with four more dogs to go) and District 9 has a rip roaring score of 59.2 with 4 more dogs to go. Still not sure what the winners are to get, but District 9 is starting to hide quite a bit. Chickens.
There were a few stellar runs in the afternoon today - sweet sheep. They walked around like Jersey cows. Very hot Jersey cows. There are a bunch of 153's like me, so the last one is sitting in 23rd spot right now. I have conceded that Gin likely won't get in. Fly will run early on Friday morning, another scorcher is planned. Hopefully they will be settled, and she can do her thing. If they run, she won't be able to keep up I don't expect. We will see what will fly on Friday. Hopefully Fly will.
Had a few medical calls today - Christine Henry's Bess dog ripped a nail, so I did a quick surgery on her, and then a spectator's dog had an anaphylactic response to a bee sting. All is well. The mileage fee will kill them - I probably can be persuaded by a cool beer to give a discount.
Went to breed Gin to Tom Forrester's Pete today - spent most of the night thinking who should be her mate. There was a great dog named James who liked her yesterday, and she looked like she was ready to breed - but I think she is a few days premature. May end up that she doesn't get bred on this trip. Will have to resort to plan B. Bugger if I know what that is.
Finally had a successful night out having supper with Vikki Kidd - I told Corey to watch her vehicle very closely. We ended up at an Irish Pub, and had a real good meal. The judges came there as well, and heard Dennis Birchall sing a few Irish songs along with the singer who was there. No jigs were done however.
Just for the heck of it, I am going to build some pixie dust tonight - all is fair in the world of dog trialing!

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  1. Great update, once again. Yeah, that would be a heck of a vet call: Irricana to Virginia, USA!! They are lucky you are there. Good luck with Fly, may the sheep gods be with you.