Friday, September 10, 2010

One More Week - Then Virginia!

Well the 17 day work week is closing down, hump day has come and passed. Seven more days and then we'll be off to Virginia. A few more caesareans to do (french bulldogs are also known to have to have human help in the fertility department). As I am thinking about fertility in general, I am wondering if Dr. Stormy Winters will accept referrals on any of the fertility manners I may have at hand, especially mastitis cases. I will have to call and ask. Went practicing shedding in the rain last night - I had gone on the weekend, and it seemed that I and my dogs had forgotten how to do it - no 10 point sheds done, heck there were really no sheds done period. After regrouping for a few days, the shedding was much more successful last night, albeit in the rain.

Fly was bred to Clive when we were out in Kingston, and I have been crossing my fingers and toes - it seemed to work. There were two lines!! Seriously, there is a test to do -she carefully peed on a stick and results were in after 10 minutes. She should be due the first week in October. This is her last litter - and her last season running field trials. She hasn't really slowed down at all, and I think the 2010 USBCHA Finals will be a good way to end her career. Probably will still do a few arena trials until she can't catch up any longer. Is hard to shelf the old standby, but she still will be going trialing with me - can't leave her at home - it would likely cause her to go in a deep depression. We have some offspring hopefully that can fill her shoes - Creed is so much like Fly (but then if you looked at his pedigree, it would be apparent why - his grandfather is his father). If you look closely, you can see the single eyebrow - but he works great, shows great stuff that I like. Floss is a FlyxClive offspring ready to do the nursery for next year, and quite like her as well. It all really is a crapshoot game really, but it is fun playing the game.

I have been keeping my eye on the trials - great work Jean Gellings and Star for winning Soldier Hollow. They were out in Ontario for the Canadian Finals, and Denis won with Jake the week before! Definitely on a roll, and couldn't happen to nicer people. As I am keeping tabs on Meeker, it appears that the Canadians are still on a roll, Denis seems to be near the top with Jan, along with Bob Stephens and Pat, Nancy Stephens and Jenn, Ian Zoerb and Freckles (Western Canadian Champion 2010), Joann Zoerb and Mik, Amanda Milliken with Roz and Clive. Hopefully we will see them in the finals on Sunday. My fingers and toes will be crossed. They will probably will be cramped by then.

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