Thursday, August 30, 2012

Reliving My Youth

Today, I had the chance to relive my youth.  No, I didn't swing on a swing, I didn't go out with a net and collect butterflies.  I did something that I am sure many will want to do sometimes in their adult lives.....that is to do Grade 9 Science.  My nephew Mathew was a good boy this past school year... his marks in science were so outstanding, that the instructors asked him to do a summer course so he could be the master of science.  Now, I am one of those individuals who as a kid, loved school -I remember working ahead in my phonics books, my book reports were longer than the books themselves, I loved writing stories, math was fun, - and getting anything less than an A on a report card was a disappointment for me .  During summer holidays we would play school, and library....and to prove we weren't total geeks-we had the occasional game of cops and robbers (sorry brother Gary, I know the steel bins were hot, but they made a perfect jail cell -I guess that may explain his claustrophobic ways).  Yes, we were eggheads.  But you can call be Dr. Egghead now.  Call me a fuddy duddy (Dr. Fuddy Duddy to you), but school is important and I know some kids who think school is a time to relax, and give their teachers a hard time.  And some parents think school is a holiday from parenting.   What is the school system teaching these days?  This hole language crap is KRAP!  I am amazed how many kids can't read -getting bumped to the next grade so that don't leave their friends behind. The idea of looking something in the dictionary to check spelling is foreign -or is it foriegn (i before e except after c doesn't work here).  I guess that is why spellcheck exists.  I am sure there are many young people who don't know multiplication tables - why should they, they get calculators in grade 3!  Of course, you can't blame everything on the school system - parents play a huge role, and there are some that are dropping the ball - and in doing so they are not doing society any favors.  So today, I was out to save society when I laid down the law and said that there was to be some work done today by Mathew - school was starting in a week, and one module out of five to be done was not acceptable by me.  Wholly crap though, periodic tables, atomic mass, neutrons, protons, Dalton Theory-the cobwebs had to be dusted off, but as soon as they were, I do believe I saw some exothermic activity in Mathew as the lightbulb went on in his head when I helped explained things.  However, it is kind of hard to convince a young person that these science classes can allow one to take physics, biology and chemistry, and organic chemistry with hours of lab work - and if you work really hard, get good marks, spend tens of thousands of dollars in tuition - you too can go and cut off the head off of a dead cow, scoop the brain out and send it for BSE testing.  But then if you want your career to be a Walmart Greeter - follow your dreams.
And never say you can't learn something new every day - I learned that if a 20 kg coyote eats 100 mg of strychnine, he has a 50% chance of being dead.  I know though that a 10 gram bullet through the head of a coyote has a 100% chance of being dead - time to update those Grade 9 Science textbooks.

Monday, August 27, 2012

You Ought To Be In Pictures. Heck, You Are In Pictures.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, well, this blog is about 78,000 words long.  This trip down memory lane started with a potluck at Jamie and Harvey's.
 As food was getting prepared, Lil' Stambulic thought he would have a ride on Dexter.

 Faster Dexter, faster!!
 Suppertime - come and get it!!

 Cooked to perfection.
 King Stormy listens to the princesses, while Jester Roberts looks on.
 George, hate to tell you, but Peter is sleeping through those glasses.
 Wonder what I will do with my $10,000 winnings from the Stampede.
 Listening intently.
 From all accounts, the complaints department was very slow.
 One of the many sponsors.
 Farmer's market.
 Jared Epp, resting before his run.
 Liqourice from the sponsors.
 Princess Naomi with Nim (rod).

 Looking good Nim.
 Breakfast of champions...well of Thad Buckler anyways.
 The judges lookout.
 Novice run.  Up and coming open handler.
 Chris sets for everybody and his dog.
 Jared Epp pens.
 Louanne's Craig third trial ever.  Break a leg Craig...oops, I mean good luck.

 Good for first place - good boy Craig!!
 Okay Scor, let's see what we can do.

 But Jamie, I didn't mean to pee on the setout dog, really I didn't.
 I paid how much for you?
 Okay Nim - give me a good outrun, and keep your temper in check.
 Good girl!
 Better get your items before they are gone!
Spectator tent. 
 Cory Perry and Drift.

 Got them!
 Jennifer Larivee says, "Good boy Tweed!"
 It is starting to feel chillier.
 Have you seen Toto!?!
 Dorothy and his crew replacing panels in the wind.
 Protected from the wind in the Pug.

 Pretty in pink - even my drink matches. 
 Handler's supper.
 "Really, I am in the Nursery Finals with Mack!  Really!"

 Paparazzi everywhere.
 Now the time for awards.

 Overall Open - Ian Zoerb and Sam.
 Dale Montgomery and Zip in second.
 Norm and Lexi third - he wins a hat....and Art Unsworth.
 Overall Nursery - Louanne Twa and Mack - no really!
 Cory Perry and Drift second (now he has a bed to go with the quilt that he won).
 Jennifer Larivee and Mitch for third - nice hat!
 No, I did not win this - Joni Swanke and Gus wins overall for ProNovice.
 Wayne Roberts and Chemro wins his own bed.
 Chris Jobe and Fly gets a hat.
 Ooops, wrong hats given out - these were the third place hats.  Norm, you will look good in pink.
 As you see, Chris looks good in pink. Harvey looks radiant in red, and Earl, from Vancouver, wears blue very well.
 Final day!  Louanne pens with Mack in Nursery Finals.
 Awards for Nursery - George Stambulic and Nan wins fourth.
 Jennifer Larivee and Mitch wins third.
 Happy Louanne wins Reserve with Mack.
 The big weener - Cory Perry and Drift wins 2012 Western Canadian Finals Nursery .
 The winning double lift run - hold on to your hats!

 Good girl Lexi!
Driving competition - Alberta rules.
 Go Jo, go!
 Go Mik, go!
 Okay girls, your job is done.
 Chris Schmaltz on Jamie's Nickki.  A good setter with good dogs.
 The 2012 Western Canadian Finals finalists.  I'll drink to that!
 Big buddy Norm Sommer and Lexi wins heavy cup.  Dale Montgomery and Zip takes Reserve.
The 2012 Western Canadian Finals was a huge success.  Keep the date open for next year - same place, same time - but let's add the 2013 Canadian Championships to the agenda as well!!
And maybe next year I will remember to get someone to take pictures of me and my dogs!