Thursday, November 28, 2013

She's Baaaacckkkk!

Okay, I am sorry.  Sometimes like a creek, the creative juices get kind of dried up, and takes a while for things to flow again.  Here it is the end of November, and I am waaayyy behind in the blog.  So much has happened, so little time to put it down.  Well, first things first, lets go back and start filling in all of the happenings of 2013 - a year to remember - and for me, a year to forget.  It will all come to light as the blog progresses, so don't fall off of your seat as you are sitting on the edge of it.  And if you sit like that too long, you may end up with tingling in your legs (but maybe that is just me).
So backtracking to August, we had just finished the Western Canadian Finals - with Peter Gonnet and Taff winning it, and myself and Gin being Reserve.  Louanne Twa and Gus (Gin's son) won the Nursery (and in due time you will see how great the Gin/Don clan can do). 
So after the Western Canadian Finals, Jenny the Donkey and her crew had a well deserved rest.
 On to the Canadian Border Collie Association Championships, the buck stopped at Shaunavon, Saskatchewan.  Jamie VanRyhn (soon to be Gardner) was the hostess.  Buck - aka Jack Knox - was the illustrious judge to watch the dogs.  Occasionally we had to make sure his eyes were open since he looked very comfortable in his judging perch.
 Dale Montgomery had supplied the ewes for the event.  They tested all of the handlers.
 Norm Sommer and Lexi did their routine - they were to practice before they were going on to Soldier Hollow.
 Some handlers, such as Randy Dye, felt that he could move the sheep through the power of his own actions.  Oh, he would say the wind was blowing very hard that day, but we all knew differently.
 It was a type of trial that everyone lent a hand to help things roll.  Tierney Graham and Brisco helped to set out the sheep for fellow handlers.  Chris was the designated sheep driver of the trial, but on the Saturday, he had to go back to Alberta to witness his niece get hitched up.  I stayed behind and tried to fill his shoes - which is difficult since I wear a size 8 and he is a 10. 
 My running during the trial was not stellar as I remember.  I know this since I did not get into the double lift.  Randy Dye and Sweep got into the double lift, it was a great way to retire a hell of a dog - Sweep that is, not Randy.
 I spent most of the day up at the set out pens, doing my part to make sure the handlers below were smiling.
 The nuts of the organization.  Without the set out crew, the wheels of the trial would fall off.
 The view from the top.
 Floss worked her buns off in the hot Saskatchewan sun.
 When it was all said and done, a tall leprechaun from Ireland won the whole enchilada.  Micheal Gallagher (who in the heart of hearts wants to be a Canadian) showed us how it was done.  Here he is accepting an award from Bob Stephenson for the top Canadian registered dog run that was trained by the handler.
The Scotsman and the Irishman poses for a photo. 
 It was a great trial - even though in the beginnings it was a pain (but we won't rehash that - we will let bygones be bygones).  Jamie and her crew did a great job, and people walked away with smiles.
So that was August.  I will now have to go back into my diary and see what was the next events to occur in this crazy year we called 2013.