Sunday, September 30, 2012

What A Day!

Whew, I will need a holiday after this holiday.  The semifinals were today, and the crew did a great job putting out a challenging course.  As well, there was a webcast over the waves, and I even got my mug on the old internet as well - technology is great, but I am sure it still added 10 pounds to my face.  It was nice to hear that District 10 came in 2nd for the team competition (by 5 points) - yes, we are just that good.  Whip the Americans in the War of 1812, and just about take the team award as well - couldn't get much better than this - oh, but it can.  After the day's running, and all was said and done, out of the nine Canadians that ran in the semifinal, six were able to come back for the finals - Scott Glen with Don and June, Pam Boring (first time!) with Mirk (once again, I think it had to do with the enema I gave him), the Amazing Amanda with Monty and Roz, and Bob Stephens and Pete (been at Nationals 12 times, and this is first double lift).   WAY TO GO YOU GUYS!!  In the evening we had a Calcutta, and a group known as the North of the 49th had planned to purchase Scott and Don - I was the bidder for the group.  Alas, it was too rich for us, and the other group put up over $1300 for the privilege.  It was certainly a blast having that bidding war!  After that, a dance was had, and we cut the rug dancing all night.  I am sure there are a few pictures about of the stellar dance moves on the floor.  Now it is time for a quick sleep and get ready to watch the finals.  It has been such a tough job, but someone has to do it.  I think I may need Advil for my knees tomorrow morning - my head is quite alright - for a change!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Way To Go Canadians!

Well, the last of the runs were done today.  I am very convinced that something was placed in the water of the sheep of yesterday's sheep - the sheep of today's runs were like night and day.  Several good scores were had during the day, and we did not get a rash of RTs or DQs like we did during day 2 and 3 of running.  I noticed that the handler's coffee was a bit stronger today than the past few days, perhaps.....could it be.....that someone used teaspoons instead of tablespoons?  I once again, sat back and judged a few runs, as I drank Mike's Hard Lemonade - I could clearly see the lines on the drive after a can or two.  I ran into the speaker of the evening, Dr. Sue Taylor - who was going to talk about Border Collie Collapse.  She was one of my professors in my days at WCVM.  I learned quite a bit from her and those hallowed halls of learning, mostly how to play a mean game of fooseball and how to chug a beer (previous anchor woman for Class of 1994). I do believe I have the same syndrome as the Border Collie at times -becoming mentally dull, weaving, falling over - as with the dogs,it is usually related to working sheep - but perhaps the alcohol involved has something to do with it in my case. 
Today the nursery classes were done, and lucky Lyle Lad and her lucky dog Lucky took home the top award.  Lucky (and talented) pair they are!  Congrats to Scott Glen with Wyn and Bliss, and Lee Lumb and Gus with getting into the final day of running with the nursery dogs.  We Canadians are proud!
Obviously the toonie I had placed in the center of the shedding ring worked for the Canadians, out of the 15 dogs that had started (that is 10% of the total running at the finals), 9 have gone back to the semifinals (if you do the math, that is almost 1/4 of the dogs in the semifinals aredogs run by Canadians - and 90% of these dogs are Canadian bred).  Congrats to the Glens with Don, June and Laddie, Lee Lumb and Nan, Bob Stephens and Pat, Pam Boring and Mirk (I think the enema had something to do with it), Dennis Gellings and Jan and the Amazing Amanda with Roz and Monty (who had highest score in the preliminaries).  Another noteworthy event was the induction of Amanda's Hazel in to the ABCA Hall of Fame.  I will say that toonie has done well over the four days.  Now, the semifinal course is different, but I do think the shedding ring has not changed.  Maybe there is some luck left in that ring. 

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Flocking Sheep

So, after running the same course about twenty times in my sleep last night, I felt pretty good about sending Gin out for her run today.  I got there late in the morning, after having to talk to Chris several times during the morning to see if his head was on straight - let me explain.  My tough cowboy had knocked his coconut when he was five years old when he fell out of the loft of the barn, and since we have been married, there has been a few incidences when he is found, horse at side, and not remembering anything.  Sometimes he loses only a day, sometimes a week, once he lost a few years.  Over time, things are usually remembered - if only he would remember to put his socks in the hamper.  I try to tell him that he also loves to vacuum, but that is fallen onto deaf ears - perhaps that is result of multiple concussions as well.  In any case, Chris was doing alright, and he did remember I was going to run Gin in the afternoon.  I got to the trial field and just about missed Louanne's run with Mack in nursery.  The run wouldn't get her to the second go round, but it wasn't anything to bury her head into the sand about.  Mack however thought it was, since during the day after his run, he proceeded to dig a very large hole where he was tied outside of her trailer - about the size of his head.  On the open field, things were, how do you say, ghastly. Out of the 36 runs today, only about 9 had three digit figures in their score, quite a few double digits, a good number RT's and quite a few trips to the Dairy Queen.  I was one of the ones that went to Dairy Queen.  I sent old faithful Gin out, she went out nicely and started to pick her sheep.  The flocking ewes started to flock offline, so I started to whistle, then whistle louder.  When Gin did hear the whistle, it caused a major flocking disturbing episode, and a split ensued, and two went to the set out, and the other went to origins unknown.  In hindsight, I should have shut my mouth, but then, I, not being very quiet, finds this hard to do.  Gin was bringing the sheep down, and maybe we could have had a score, but it was not going to be today.  There were a few other very good dogs whose runs went down the gutter.  That is how dog trialing goes - from hero to zero.  My sponsor, Pamela Reeve from Washington was very gracious, and I do apologize that she drove all that way to watch our run - but then, she did see the best recall all week.  Stellar performance.  Top notch.  But I hope I don't have to do it again in a long while.
After the trial was over, which happened to be early afternoon since of the time saved from all the non-digit scores, we had a USBCHA meeting, and then the nightly duty of heading off to Texas. Here is where the Holme's residence was finally christened.  On their new trailer is the letters HTR - now to be forever known as the Hub's Titty Ranch.  Since the gatherings have often been the gathering of King Hub and a gaggle (or is that giggle) of ladies, I do believe this is most fitting.  There are various ones on this ranch - small ones, big ones, unmatched ones, seasoned ones - but they are all real ones.  No room for fake ones here - no sir.  Only the best of the breast.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What Do You Mean It Is Only The Second Day

Whoa - it really feels like I have been here a week at Klamath - cripes, the two hitchhikers I have (Mia and Pete) are beginning to think they are mine - which makes it easier to look after.  Tranna the JRT looks like she has recently swallowed a balloon, and her due date is looming - won't be the first time there are pups born on the road (okay, in the truck, don't take things so literally).  I slept in the hotel overnight, and I think I slept better under the pivots the other night outside the Holme's Home On Wheels - and beyond popular belief, I DID NOT lose my dentures like Stormy Winters did - everything has stayed intact.
This was the second day of running and there were a few Canadian contenders doing their runs - both on the nursery and the open field.  Would my planted good luck charms work?  Nope.  Guess it only works for hockey.  I guess all was not lost, Lee Lumb and Gus, and Scott Glen and Bliss had pretty good runs on the nursery field, and should be able to play again.  However, Lisa Wright's Ben must have seen a shadow and wanted six more weeks of training.  Then there was the open field.  The toonie I had planted in the center of the shedding ring did not seem to work for Dennis Gelling's Tess nor for Joann Zoerb's Mik - but then, there were a lot of crazy stuff happening on the field today - lots of RTs and DQ's - there was a magnetic force for the sheep and they all seemed to want to go to the nursery side of things.  Pam Boring's Mirk had a pretty fair run, and the enema I gave him lightened his load to the point where he had a huge outrun - he could run for miles.  Even so, Mirk ended up with a pretty good score.  Scott Glen and June ended up with a good score, but it was not without fighting for it.  After the disastrous outcomes for some of these handlers, I decided to dig up the coins - however, the Oregon soil sucked them down - they are probably part of the molten lava that lies beneath the surface.  I apologize Canadians, I take full responsibility in how our districts fare in the finals.  I also helped a bit commentating for Diane Pagel's blog for the last runs of the days - I hope I have a voice for tomorrow to yell during Gin's run - maybe I will be lucky and not have to use it.
The day ended early, and some pre-dinner drinks were held at neighboring BC.  I had supper at the Princess Palace - Lisa donned her turban and made butter chicken.  The evening ended back over at Texas (Holmes) and the previous 48 hours were relived - mostly so that I could be reminded of things that had happened - this Alzheimer crap sure sucks.  Yup, this Alzheimer crap sure sucks.  Did I mention that Alzheimer sucks?  Rose McLeod and Kristi Okaiwa arrived, and I do imagine the fun will continue tomorrow.  There are some runs to watch tomorrow - Louanne and  Mack, Jean and Star and I believe Amanda and Monty goes tomorrow.  Tomorrow night there is rumored to be a tater frenzy.  Wonder if there will be beer?  I like beer - it makes me a jolly good fellow....I like beer.  Grape toxicosis is tough to get over.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What Happens In Klamath Falls.....

....also happens in McCord, Saskatchewan.  So, I missed a day of blogging, and you will soon understand why.  I woke up from a lovely sleep at the Day's Inn, and let the dogs romp a bit across the road at the fairgrounds, then it was off to the trial field - I had a training date with Gin in the morning, and walking the course and such would be later on in the day.  I quickly met up with the Princesses - Louanne Twa and Lisa Wright and had a morning coffee before I toddled off with Gin and had a training session.  One dollar a minute was the cost, but when you have been on the road for awhile, it is money well worth spending.  After the session, the day was to resume - a trip to the Big R was done with the Princesses and everyone came back with something.  After this we went off for lunch, and as we were looking for a restaurant, we came across a crime scene at a parking lot - cop cars, flashing lights and a geriatric walking over the chalk line -well, maybe no chalk line, but the elderly lady didn't seem to worry about walking through the scene - maybe she saw the lights and thought it was a blue light special.  After lunch we bought some groceries and beverages (particularly wine, in which Princess Lisa chose due to her experience in fancy labels -the bottles purchased were Flirt, Promis-Q-ity and Menage d' Toi- hmmm, have to watch that princess).
After getting back to the trial field, the gypsy camp was getting larger, and around the Princess Palace, the Canadian content was getting thicker than a night of watching CBC - the Zoerb's, Lee Lumb and husband Brian, Brian Nelson, the Gellings, the Pink Mountain girls (and Lowell) and Amazing Amanda - all who was left to arrive was the Glens - who were still on route.
The open trial was set up, and people walked, and walked, and walked the course.  For the Canadians, a special something was put in the shedding ring - hopefully it will give some luck for some.  The handler's were all greeted by the committee with finger foods and wine and beer.  This is where my helping ways kicked in.  Apparently most handlers did not like wine - and I hate to see things go to waste - so we filled up our nice goblets that were given to us (plus other goblets to have a set of 4 for the Princess Palace) and then continued to do wine tasting at the Holmes P lace (they lost the a on their new to them trailer).  Stephanie Garake was there as well, and during the gathering, also gathered a couple of fellows in a truck, who I have no idea who they were, but when the Liberals were mentioned they floored out of the Holmes Away From Home Home On Wheels.  Stories were told and giggling happened (yes, that was me with the cackling on the west side - sorry fellow gypsies).  I have found out that I have people that will look out for me - now, I did not become a Stormy Winters and fall under a mobile home and get stuck, but I did want to curl up under the pivot and have a nap. Allison made sure her dog did not pee on me - although she probably would have let him me bury me.  A little Flirt and Promis-Q-ity, but no more for the Princesses (and Jester) was to be consumed (thank God, because if the third was consumed I think I would have forgotten more than I have - that Alzheimer's a pain).  Princess Twa went to bed early, and Princess Wright ensured I made it to bed.
I was up and at the crack of dawn, but couldn't find my glasses - thus the blurry part of the story.  I managed to walk my dogs (I think they were my dogs) and when the Princesses stirred from their slumber (because of the peas I stuck under their mattresses), the first day of running would start for the open.  I watched quite a few of the runs, and then had a second day at the training field.  The training sheep had learned in quite a limited amount of hours how to leap over fences and get back to their comrades - so I decided that would be the last of the sessions - the Princesses and their nursery dogs came to the field and they too saw the leaping gazelles.
Princess Wright had to have a rest midday, but I had crappy matter that had to be addressed. Pam Boring from Pink Mountain had a dog that needed an enema.  No shit - but that was rectified (rectum, damn near killed him) when I was able to bum a syringe from a vet on site. Yes, once again, the mileage call will be very expensive - pack up your bags Chris, we now have a Pink Mountain Ranch.  Crappy long drive though.
One more lucky planting had to be done at the nursery field for the Canadians - their day starts tomorrow.  The line was walked and the Princess have burned the line in their minds. 
The first day of USBCHA Nationals 2012 is now over - it feels like I have been here a week already.  Like my dogs, I will have to learn to pace myself.  That'll do Wendy.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

It's A Wonderful Life

Sounds like things are wonderful at home while I am out on the road.  Whenever a bell is heard, a ram is using his dingaling.  By calculations, by the third weekend in February, we should be overrun by lambs - hopefully that happens.  We synchronized everyone this year, and the new Scottie ram (Sean from Ontario) was introduced to the best looking western gals this side of Manitoba - but then, we all are good looking this side of Manitoba. 
Looks like a few more mouths to feed were born - Jill and Cap had their young ones - four of them - and not without some worry.  This morning I got a email message saying there is a 911 call for me to call home.  There was a text on my phone asking that I call home.  At the time, I thought maybe Chris was needing me to call to tell him how much detergent to put with the clothes, but that was not the question (for future, it is only to the top of the line, not to the top of the cup).  The concern was that Jill had only one pup and was not progressing.  A quick lesson on whelping was done on the phone, and a shot of oxytocin, and she shot out three more pups.  As Jill was popping out pups, I was popping into some scenic stops.  From a 1926 bridge over a canyon, to a remains of a volcano, some wildlife (okay, they were only chipmunks) to spectacular water falls - I saw more of Oregon than I thought I would.  There are a lot of trees - couldn't see the forest for the trees though (what does that mean anyways?) 
The dogs travelled well, the hitchhiker Mia did loads better today, not dumping any loads in the kennel.  We got to Klamath Falls in the early afternoon, and the dogs got a long deserved stretch at an empty lot close to the hotel.  After, I stopped by the restaurant next to the hotel, and almost had to become a dog catcher - I and a few other patrons watched as this little chihuahua was playing along the yellow dotted lines of the street.  I left the restaurant (no, I did not dine and dash - I was in the middle of dining) with the intentions of scooping the waif up - but by the time I got out there, he had disappeared.  The patrons had told me when I came back that a car had come in, opened the door and he jumped into the vehicle.  Thank goodness - I am not sure where I would have stuck the little bugger - I guess I could have tied him to the top rack I suppose.
The plan is to get some sheep time tomorrow at a practice field - knocking the kinks out of Gin that seem to develop as she rides long distances.  Who knows, I may see a little more of Oregon as well.  Maybe I will see a forest.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Pack Goes South

The trip down to Klamath Falls, Oregon started early this morning.  With a google map in hand, and 8 dogs in tow - all packed into Dora, we started out early this morning.  Why all the dogs? Well, Gin will be the one running at the finals, I brought Floss along on the off chance she may cycle so that she can be sent with her new beau, and a greater off chance that she may get to run, Kelly is along for some bonding, Tranna the JRT should be near whelping, so I didn't Chris to have to bother with her, Willy the JRT is along since he has got it in his mind that when I am not home, it is a sign that he can bother the sheep, and then there is the hitchhikers - Tia and (her puppy) Kopper - to be brought down for Hope Dennis.  I will tell you this, if I have to clean the kennel of Tia too many times, the daily rate may just go up for hauling her.  Note to self, if I ever transport a dog again- ask if the dog is kennel trained.  At least she is quiet - Kopper not so.
Crossing the border was uneventful - no, I don't have weapons (just wait, I forgot about the necropsy knife behind my seat - do we have a right to bear arms or is that bare arms?), and I don't have $10,000 - but maybe I will if I win the lotto 649 tonight with the ticket I bought at Frank's Slide (of which I will owe the lady at the till some if it is a winner since I promised).
As I got closer to Kenewick, I watched Dora really closely- I was hoping the vortex wasn't there that sucks up vehicle parts like transmissions.  Looks like it was elsewhere - namely in Claresholm, Alberta where it appeared to suck Louanne Twa's tire off of her trailer.
We have stopped at Madras, Oregon for the night, and won't be too far from Klamath Falls in the morning - I think I may do some sightseeing tomorrow - or heck, some shopping.  The first thing on the list is paper towel and rubber gloves.  Mr. Kopp - you owe me big.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Few More Sleeps

Even though it just felt like yesterday when Thelma (Chris Jobe) and myself finished our trip from Meeker, Colorado, it will be only a few more sleeps when this Louise ventures out to have an adventure in Klamath Falls, Oregon for the USBCHA Nationals.  I hope that it will be uneventful in the terms of vehicle mechanics - last time I was out there, there was a small thing about a transmission, which ended up in myself renting a van and packing my 13 dogs and then heading back home with the Princess herself, Louanne Twa (and travel partners Lisa Wright and George Stambulic) when a lemon transmission was placed into Geek the Jeep.  I do realize from the trip from down south not long ago that citrus is not allowed across the border, so there should be no lemons driving across this time around. Grapefruits, however, are optional. Dora the Explorer, please don't explode on me!!
Last week I worked a few days at Mankota, and ended the week by going to the Val Marie Rodeo - the oldest CCA indoor rodeo in Canada. And for some trivia, Val Marie is the home of Brian Trottier - an NHL player from the mid 80's and won a few Stanley Cups along the way.  Nowadays, he plays guitar in his sister's band - yes, some pictures will be forthcoming.   Chris, our nephew Jimmy and I got there early, so some required beer had to be consumed.  Tis a tough life I lead.
The last few days I have been working in Nanton, Alberta - the vet is off for a bit recovering from knee surgery - he is now a full fledged bionic man with two new knees.  I have very capable help at the clinic, each is very astute in their observational skills - well most days that is.  Here I will protect the name of the innocent - Lorna, ooh damn, I mean Enid had checked a cat in for a spay, and was surprised when a counterpart noted that it only had three legs.  Yes, very capable help indeed.  However, in her defence, a three legged cat can still act like a spitfire with eight crazy legs when it wants to get away from an injection.  I am sure she can even climb a tree if she wanted to. 
As it turns out, I am only running Gin at the finals.  It does not feel right only taking one dog on this trip, so Floss, Gin's daughter Kelly and Tranna (who may pop some JRT pups down south) and expectant father Willy is coming along.  I may be coming back with a few more by the time I go to the promised land (I promised Chris I would be back home on October 3rd).  After the finals, I may turn around and go back to Alberta for the ASDA finals - yeah, driving 22 hours to get back to work for the 3rd and work a few days and head back west - I think Exxon should be my sponsor this year.  If I don't go to the ASDA finals, I may head the other direction to my mom and dad's for Thanksgiving - at the moment I am teetering on going back to my birthplace and some turkey.  The week following that is Maple Creek's trial and then the following week is a trial in Thelma's back yard.  Then the following week I am planning to go back to Calgary for a course - it is what we vets have to do you see. On a side note, I went to a seminar last night and learned some very important information.  Isaac Newton discovered the cat door.  Yes, really!   But back to my travel plans - Farmfair in Edmonton is planned the the weekend after.  I do believe I have convinced Chris to come with me on this trip.  I will probably end up driving no doubt.  As he says, it would be better if I drove since there is a permanent ass groove in the driver's seat of Dora.  The Western Canadian Agribition is also on our list this fall as well.
The adventures carry on.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Another 137,000 Word Blog

These pictures is the trip to Meeker in a nutshell-get a cup of coffee, get comfortable - there are a lot of pictures to go through.
The trip would start with loading up Chris Jobe's (aka Thelma) camper for our trip.
 Thelma would drive all the way.  I did not complain with this arrangement.
 Montana went by quickly.
 With the fires, the smoke got in the way of the landscape.
 Even with the smoke, it was nice scenery.

 There were some green found along the way.
 The road in which Thelma took, notice you can\t see on the other side of the hill - I tried not to notice that fact.
 Our first night - a campground north of Sheridan 
 And free ice cream to boot!
 Honey showed us where to park.
 It was a good place to renew our juices (through sleeping, the nectar of the gods would be the next night).
 On the road again.

 One more state to drive through!
 Smoke signals in the distance.
 If you look carefully, you can see Randy and Val Dye's trailer at these fairgrounds with the ropers.
 The trip went quickly as we sped along.
 The dogs slept.
 This is the spot - mile number 219 - where we had to call AMA for some diesel to make it to Casper, Wyoming.
 As we waited, somebody had a bath.
 I thought the FBI was after us (after all, this was Thelma and Louise's big adventure, there should be some cops in the show).

 Our saviour of the day....
 ...Brad James.
 Fill 'er up Jim.
 Off and running again - even with the handle out.  We stopped to put this back in, and Brad called to ask if we were okay - chivalry is not dead.
 Made it to Casper, Wyoming.
 As we drove, different landscapes were seen.

 But there was still smoke in the air.
 Here we stopped to let the dogs out - little did I know it was Independence Rock.
 The antelopes didn't seem to realize either.
 The navigator of the trip.
 Only about 5 hours left!

 Here is the police chasing scene of the adventure - thankfully he wasn't chasing us.

 As we got closer to our destination of the night - Steamboat Springs - the sky got darker.
 The rainbow showed where we would sleep the night....and consume some nectar.
 In the morning, I did a little vet work for Marianne.
 The golden fluid.
 We would not get to Meeker without being rampaged by the fire department in their blitz - we gave well.
 Last hour until Meeker.
 Our home away from home.
 Blocks - important for camping.  Here I thought it was blocks of ice that were important.
 Neighborhood get together.
 Floss and...
.... Gin could stretch their legs.

Morning breakfast with the Dyes. 
 Clearing out the cobwebs at the training field.
 Randy's Sweep.
 Isla the sheep lady.
 I went to town - uphill both ways.
 In the library you find books.
 That is Books the cat.
 The girls arrive to the field.
 Pizza night for the handlers.
 Here we have Randy Dye and his twin Ron Enzeroth (otherwise known as Stupid).
 Stormy and Kate was one of the first to go.
 Serious discussions.
 Notso (Jim) Swift and the Stupid brothers.
 Randy and Sweep.
 Now, I had asked Val Dye to take pictures of my run with Gin, but in the end, there were only sheep in the pictures.  So here I am with our sponsor.
 Exhausting could be exhausting.
 The lucky loonie.
 Buried in the center of the shedding ring.
 Hopefully it would be good luck for the Canadians.
 Joann Zoerb and Mik
 Faansie Basson and Don.
 First time for time on field - 3 minutes.  A little too much fun up on top.
 Thelma and Fly.
 The art show.
 People's Choice winning painting.
 I thought this would make a good poster - I was wrong.
 Entertainment for the night.
 Socializing is hard work.

 What is harder is getting the strawberries used for the sangria.  Well, actually it wasn't hard, I took the jar, barely noticed of course, and retrieved the fruit.  The rest of the night is kind of fuzzy.
 Handler's with their best duds on.
 More spectators and vendors fill the area.
 Gin and I helped Thelma do demos for the crowds.

 "You want to know if heelers can do the same job? Let me word it this way."
 We didn't know the Grand Canyon was so close.
 Vendors move in.
 Randy and Tuck - the dog that doesn't cross over.
 But we can be humbled at times.
 Handler's supper.
 Magic show.
 Now, for the dangerous part of the show.
Sawing Terrianne Warner in half.  Now trip 20 pounds of fat off of me and that would be magic!
 Oh God, help me!
 Jean seemed to have lost her bra.  Oops.
 The next day starts with coffee.
 The Semi finalists.
 The peanut gallery (note the peanuts).
 4H kids selling programs.   Get your program!
 Blow harder!
 Yet more fans!
 Taking a break from watching.
 Nice snakes boys. (as I said this, the lady in the next row got up very quickly)
 Taxi services available.
 Dancing during the break.
 Faansie doing a demo.
 What to do, shop or eat?
 Saddle making.
 A close up of Viki Close and her next work of art.
 Making pottery.

 The exhausted exhausting crew.
 The crowd for the arena trial held that night.
 Shed three from a flock and do a course and pen them.  Stormy and Kate pens.  I think Gin and I will take up quilting.
 The twins go out to do the team event.
 Marianne holding down the rock.
 View from other side of field as we hold the first lot of sheep during the double lift - well that was the intended job, but the sheep never came close.
 Mr. Gellings, do you know there is a loonie under your foot?
 How about you Amanda?
 Don't take your guns to town (can you finish the words to this Johnny Cash song?)
 Finally done their job.
 The winners.
 Top five - okay guess I will have to put a Toonie in next time.
 Faansie and Don and his loot...including the lucky loonie.
 Andrew Dickman the judge getting his ticket back home to Scotland.
 Ray Crabtree the announcer gets announced to the crowd.
 On the way back home - Independence Rock.
 More smoke signals in the distance.
 The Thelma and Louise Bridge - notice the pilot car now in existence.  Yup, that was us.
We stopped again at the free ice cream camping spot and got back home all in one piece.  Now to work a few days and head back to Alberta to work for a week, and then....the National Finals!!!  Poor Thelma will have to stay behind - but be sure her sidekick will have fun in the next few weeks!!