Monday, February 9, 2015

Sticks And Stones

We have come to an age where you must be very careful what you say - you may inadvertently poke the sensitivity bear.
Happy Holidays is now written on many cards to appease the non-Christians.  As Good Friday is coming, I wonder how many of those non-Christians are using that day as a holiday.  It should go both ways as I see it.
"I may only fit a size XXXXXL but don't call me fat, I have a medical condition - you are being disrespectful to me if you ask me not to sit in your plastic lawn chair!"
No lady, I just don't want to buy another chair.
"When you say, that I look like death warmed over, would that not be showing disrespect for all of the people buried in the cemetery?"
How are they going to know?
"How would you feel if you had no arms, and someone called a three legged dog Tripod?"
Probably nothing, since I have no arms.
How about...a true story this is (all is true in these ramblings)...of the highway worker who had been notified by his supervisor that he was causing abuse to animals.  A motorist had noted him dragging a dead deer off of the highway.  This is abuse to all intelligent people.
"You must have been dropped as a baby."
HUGE disrespect to all ugly people.
"Meet my dog Lil' Midge."
Sorry dwarf people...little people....short statured humans.
I used to play Cowboys and its Cowboys and First Nations People.
When an aboriginal calls himself an Indian, does he have self respect?
"Don't call me a crooked gives crooks a bad name."
I have a cat named Snothead.  I apologize to all those people with sinus problems.
Please don't go postal on me. 
Canada Post workers will take it to heart.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Many Faces Of Facebook

Will you accept my friend request?  Hello......helloooooo?
Why at this time in my life do I find it important that a person accepts my friend request?  Why do I feel like the 7 year old barred from the sandbox when some one does not accept my request, or worse yet - unfriends me. 
Oh my God....why are they not liking my post?  What did I do to them that they would ignore my posts.  Why are they not following me?  Did I write  something wrong in the past?  Did I post a picture I shouldn't have? I have to block.  I certainly don't need that poison in my life.  Does not matter if you are are now dead to me.
Who is this person that I have friended who now throws words out that hurt like a dagger....I thought they were a friend. I guess they were more of an acquaintance - best click that box.  I hate to unfriend you, since I do want to see what you are up to.  Maybe there should be a stalker box to be clicked.
Whoa, I sure don't agree with what you say, I am going to have to put my two cents there in there.  Now that there is no pennies in Canada, that rounds down to 0 cents.  Guess that is what it is worth.
I will try poking you, and see if you still remember me, since it has been ages since you have liked or responded to anything I have written.  Possibly I will gain the courage and send you a private message.  Or I can be gutsy and have the whole Facebook world read about it.
Okay....just one more picture of my cat, I really want you to like him as much as I do.  Better yet, I will give him his own page, so that you can know him personally.
Tis a sad day when a cat's Facebook page gets more likes than a person.
Tis a sad day that it bothers you that a cat gets more likes than you do.
Tis a sad day when the definition of a friend is limited to the confines of a multibillion website.
Guess what -  just because it says they are a Facebook friend, that does not that make them a true friend.
(((Ring, Ring)))) Hello?  Oh, hello friend.  God I like to hear from you.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Holidaying With The Dogs

Well it seems like a distant memory, a whirlwind trip down to the Denver Stock Show and back. The drive through Montana and Wyoming was done at breakneck speed.

 As we moved south, the snow seemed to be just a memory.
 We got to Penley's Inn and bedded down Karma with the sheep - her next big adventure was yet to come.
 The sun shone brightly that first morning.  There was a little scare as Karma had decided to leave, but within a few hours she was back with her sheep.  Maybe she was scared of this cat.
 That first day we went and got our badges and such at the show office, That night we went out for supper with Karma's new owner Sharon.  I knew that Karma would do great in her adventure.
In the morning, it had seemed that some snow had followed us.
 Sharon and Karma got ready and hit the road.  I am sure Karma was wondering what the hell was going on.
 We then went in to take in the show,  At this time the every popular Wagyu cattle were being shown. Okay, maybe not that popular.
 But it was popular enough for this fellow to attend - the ex-president of Mexico.  
He was searching for cattle for his next job.
 We walked...and walked...and walked through the pens of cattle.
 There was a carload show, and we sat back and watched.... others dozed off.
 We walked some more and saw a little cattle. 
 And I do mean little.  Mini herefords...for the midget.
 Hairy Highlanders were seen.
Porcine heaven.
Sheep in people clothing.
On the first night we saw Dancing with Horses - like Dancing With The Stars....without the stars.

We were hitching to have a good time.
We were able to take in the cattle dog trial, wishing we could have entered it as well.
We watched Steve Rosvold from Manitoba win the go round and get into the finals - we would come the next day to root for the lone Canadian.
Before we did that, we would take in the trade fair.  Very dangerous these fairs are...if you look them in the eye, they will attack you with their sales pitch.
We watched the finals the next day, but since I had to keep some pixie dust back, Steve was not able to win the whole enchilada.

Before the sheep dog trial, I watched a few steer shows.  I considered entering a steer in for next year, the night before, the Champion Steer brought $100,000 - some expensive taste.
The paparazzi were out in full force.
Chris and June were the first ones to go.
June showed that the girls could be moved around.
In the end, I got both Ky and Floss in the finals.  Floss would come away with the Reserve banner, losing by 1 point to John Holman and Roy.  I should have paid the judge a better complement.
As the dogs moved out, the mules moved in.

The next day, Kelly would try her paws at her first arena trial.  She did great for her first round, but the wheels fell off in the second round.  Someone did ask if I would leave her in Colorado...not this time.
As we headed out, only a few were left behind.  These Highlander's owners were seen drinking scotch whiskey the night before.
We made it to Billings, Montana, and saw what was to offer.
No trip is complete without a trip to this store.
We got home to see the sun set on Mankota..home sweet home.  
 A gold star is awarded to the Penley Inn - for Nancy and Kurt for putting up with us.
Hopefully we can return the favor in the near future!
Hopefully next year, we can bring another banner home!


Monday, January 19, 2015

It May Not Be Cuba, But It Starts With A C

Winter getaways - we all need them.  Basking in the sun drinking by the beach... Who would not like this type of holiday?
We may be in the minority, since we are more likely to pack up our winter clothes, load up the dogs, and go to a dog trial.  Denver Stock Show here we come!
After leaving Neil - our own military personel- a cheat sheet of who's who in the dog runs (just call them "You sonofa bitches" they usually come to that Neil) we set off for our week holiday.  We brought a little Karma with us, about 70 pounds worth.  I told the border people that she was going to make her new home looking after sheep in Colorado.  "How long will she be there?" they asked.  "Until she dies", I said.  When they said they would have to check to see if we could go across with her, I muttered " Karma's a bitch".  Thankfully they did not hear this, since I would have likely been on the next episode of Border Patrol.  They eventually gave our paper work back and wished us a good trip -and the 49th was at our backsides.  
We had left Dora the Explorer at home so her brakes could be worked on - apparently they are important.  Texas Theresa (the truck that we brought from Texas and works like a migrant - usually only for half a year) was entrusted for the trip.  Billings was our first layover, and we would end up at Nancy's Inn by the next day.  I had planned to do some shopping on the way down, but could not find anything exciting at the LoafNJug.  
What was learned on the first part of trip was - be insistent telling your husband to fuel up the vehicle.  Otherwise you will be coasting on fumes and you may have a headache from the smoke coming from your ears.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Let Them Be Free

Thank God for Facebook, I have learned so much over the time I have been on it.  Vast knowledge can be found - from near and far. 
Most recently, I have learned that organic means increased welfare to animals.  I think this applies only to the bugs though, since gallons of apple vinegar and truckloads of diatomaceous earth (which probably is eating up the ozone layer because of the carbon footprint of the semis used to move these natural insecticides) has no more effect on parasites than me stopping a raging bull by spitting in its face.  Word of warning, don't try it, it only pisses them off.
Shearing of sheep is stressful to sheep.  Did you know it is inhumane to shear them?  It is best to keep the wool on...that 200 pounds of wool that Shaun the Sheep has after 4 years is okay, they will not be cold in the winter...and think of the wildlife that could burrow into the wool and make their own habitat.  Like chipmunks and feral cats.
Dairy cows should be allowed to run free.  Open up the barn doors and let them go.  So what if it is -40 C outside...they will be much happier in the wild.  Some people make a stand and drink almond milk...but is this not inhumane.  The cry of an almond being crushed is not a nice sound.
Unless your dog food bag has a picture of a fresh vegetables and fruit on it, as well as a picture of a nice picture of a leg of chicken, don't purchase it.  In fact, do a raw diet, and bring our furry friends closer to their natural diet.   I do this for my fur children, the circle of life has brought them a lot of raw food in the form of old cow #61.
I have also learned that a dog is not happy unless it is curled up on your couch.  In fact, you should be investigated by the SPCA if your pooch does not have it's own couch.  It's okay to have the homeless people out sleeping in doorways, but don't be caught allowing your dog to sleep outside in a may be drawn and quartered.  Bring that dog inside, and let the homeless sleep in the doghouse....they both will be happier.
Be sure you eat A&W burgers, they don't have added hormones, and their chickens are not fed any animal by products. I think also the chickens run freely outside and ride on the backs of the calves lying in the grass.  Yeah, that would be a good poster for A&W.
Well back to Facebook I will go, and see if I can get anymore smarter than I am already, and maybe spread some information on my own. 
I would like this.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

How Many Hats Do You Have?

Another year, another 365 days which has passed.  New Years for me was bringing it in by drinking some liquor with gold in it.  For the amount drunk, I should have passed a pretty fair nugget....but alas, I only nearly passed out.
The previous 365 days were filled with the normal going ons - being a vet, being a wife, being a shepherdess, being a dog trainer, being a dog trialler, being  a daughter, being a closet is full of many hats.  
The hats will be continued to be wore in 2015, I hope to wear the dog trainer hat a little more often this year, as well as the dog trialing hat - but time will tell.  In a week we will go to the Denver Stock Show, and we also includes Chris.  We are going to bring some Karma along as well....she is a 18 month old Great Pyranese that will chase some USA Coyotae ass.  Some people go to Mexico for a holiday, we go to a dog trial...and I would not have it any other way.  Especially the way I look in a bathing suit, it is more appealing to the eye that I wear a big Carhart on our holiday.  I will have to put on a cooking hat when the big McCord suppers take place (I am on the February 9th supper, count yourself warned). The lambing hat will have to be placed on in March and April, and may have to buy two of those since the first one may be worn out by ewe number 300.  The trial hat will be worn throughout the year many times -there will be the Clock, Stock and Barrel in April to play at, and I hear the grass in Kentucky calling my name, and hope  to make a trek out to the Bluegrass this May. The trial hat will be worn several times throughout the year, and one place I really would like to wear it is in California for the USBCHA Finals.   Of course before this there will be calving, and shearing...have to find those hats as well.  With June, there are brandings to help out with, so yet another hat.  The Calgary Stampede in July will have it's own hat as well ...a Stetson.  The trial organizer hat will have to come out soon as well, for our trial in August.  The socialization hat will no doubt be out, that one is shaped as a lampshade.  The vet hat will have to come out as well to pay for the rest of the hats.  Towards the end of the year, the Santa hat will be worn as well, ready to cause fear in any child less than 3 years of age.
An old hat that has been lost in the closet for the last year is the writing hat....I have dusted it off.  I am hoping it still fits well.  
I think life can be measured in the amount of caps one has.  My closet is overflowing.