Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Short Blog Through Stormy's Eyes

I woke up this morning, and wrote on my list for things to do.  It can be quite a full day around here - with pissing off others and such.  So with much thinking, I came up with my plan of attack.
1. Piss off Chris - by jumping on his head in the middle of the night.
2. Piss of Wendy-by asking for my bottle several times during the night. You can't blame me, it goes down real smooth!
3. Kick Eldon's butt. This is fair, he kicked mine since I came!
4.  Kick the puppies butts.  I got to get to them while I can.
5. Lick my own butt - or have Eldon lick it for me.
6.  Jump on the counter.  This drives Wendy nuts.  She was like, "Get off the counter, and I was like, Get off my ass!"
Yup, those plans went according to plan - all done before 7 am.  I guess I will have to sleep a few minutes to rejuvenate myself.
Pissing off others is such a hard, but enjoyable thing to do!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sheep River Classic Flowing With Fun

Billie Richardson and Jerry Kurbatoff hosted the Sheep River Classic in Okotoks this past long weekend, and it was going to be the first field trial for this gang of the year. We got there in good time - if you were planning to leave the day before, which we didn't.  In my little plan book, we would leave mid-morning to get there.  It seems to be the travelling gods did not read my plan book. First there had to be some shifting around of feeders for the lambs (which are 1/2 hour from home), and fix the fence of that housed those lambs, since their guardians - Fiona and Scotty - were seen more outside the fence than in.  I got all the dogs and paraphernalia ready and waited to load everything into the trailer when Chris got home.  Then there was job two to do - which was a good thing it was noted before we headed out - put new ball bearings so no tires would fall off the trailer.  Trailer was finally fixed, and dogs were loaded.  Dexter the horse was added as well as a large piece of farm equipment - the kitchen sink was full of dishes so it stayed home.  Another quick stop was done on route to help a standed motorist, and one was made to drop off the equipment.  Then we were on our way. Wait though, we had to drop off some bantam chicken eggs at our friend's - Annette and Colin Dyck.  Knowing Annette was the fowl queen (no, she is not a chicken hoarder since they are not in her house...yet) in Rosemary, Alberta, we dropped off the eggs to be set on by one of her hens, since Chris the Banty had an unsuccessful visit with Fiona and Scotty (they thought she was a chew toy).
During the trip, we consulted Marion, Marion the (Iphone)box for good directions. Chris questioned her and took a slightly different route, causing her to become upset.  He forged through and we eventually ended up at Jerry and Billie's.
The weekend would be full of dog trialing and visiting.  Letters were to follow my runs for the first day, but the second day, the trial gods visited briefly to allow Floss to win second with a 93, Gin to get sixth with a 90, Mitch to almost get a pen, and Ky to have a pretty decent run for his nursery debut.  Norm Close the judge had closely watched all of the runs over the three days.
Alberta weather being like it is, I wore shorts and a winter jacket all in the same day.  There was good visiting, and good dog work.
 An ugly puppy I had raised was the winner of the pro-novice and nursery class - Gus and Louanne Twa.  Randy Dye with Sweep swept the open class and took the overall.  Intermediate was won by Naomi Shields and Nim(rod).  The novice was won by Tyler Strader (whose wife makes a great cake!) and his fine border collie Jess.
Now here is an overview of the weekend in picture form.
Jerry in deep thought - he was probably thinking, "What was I thinking?"
 His main cohort Billie was thinking "Damn this beer is good!"
 This was Milton the (Guard) Rooster - several times this SOB ran after me - I had to have eyes in the back of my head.
 Enjoying the trial.
 My friend Ellen telling Ky what to do. 
Big field.
Saskatchewan let Peter Gonnet out to play.
 Chris setting one of many sets.
Sir Randy Dye with Sir Sweep doing a great job.
Lee Lumb at the pen.
 The real trainer - Jocelyn Dye working Sweep in the novice class.
 Proud pappa.
 Have enough pictures Randy?
Guess not.
 Randy getting tips from Jocelyn.
Randy putting Jocelyn's tips to the test.
 Chris setting, and Jerry way behind bringing sheep up for novice.
 Leanne Huber and Sue.
 Michelle Bryan and Mac.
 Tyler Strader.
Tyler and Jess at pen.
 Lindsay getting ready to run.  Don't laugh Lindsay, we didn't bring the Depends.

 Jared telling another story.
 And in the midst of it all - celebrities!
 Amber Marshall from Heartland.
 I do believe Chris got tongue tied meeting Amber. 
 Look this way!
 Dexter, Chris and Amber (yeah, we are on first name basis now.)
 Amber with Randy Dye's coach, Jocelyn.
  Norman, the partier.
Getting a little tipsy.
Hey Norm, leave some for the rest of us!
 Norman calling for a cab.
After all the drunks were sent home in cabs, we had passed out all the awards.
My pants will have to be tied with a baler twine for right now.
After the awards, we chowed down and hit the road.  In the drive back, we realized that Marion the box was correct in her directions - we will never question her directions ever again.  We stopped by the Dyck residence to pick up some new feathered friends - guinea hens.  Heck, we had room after taking the machinery off, you have to fill it back up.
Rolling in at 3:30 am, we went to bed and started the day again at 6 am.
I vowed I would wake up early and train dogs - I would have to have a few days of recuperation before that vow could be carried out. 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Homework Can Be Fun!

This past weekend I packed up my homework and travelled to Chris Jobe's and Mildred Barry's - my homework being Mitch, Floss, Nan, Gin, Ky, Kelly and Sal. There were a couple of hitchhikers as well - Kap and Dan who would find new homes in Bowden, and ol' Fly and Artie came for the fun of it..   This was going to be a weekend in which the rule of the day would be to get in much needed training for the dogs - the following weekend would be the first field trial, and it would be nice not to look too much like a fool out on the course (although it has happened a time or two in the past).  
Randy Dye (who is a descendant of George Washington - yes, it is true, I wouldn't lie to you - next time call him your worship!) and his wife Val had come down for the day as well.  We brought out the young dogs, and I soon realized that Sal was quite overwhelmed by things - she will have to be put on a shelf for a while.  As the rest of the youngsters came out, it was soon apparent that there were nice dogs in the making.
Stephanie, the new kid on the block, came down with her young dog Jake as well.  She is gung ho about training dogs, and I can see a little bit of myself in her when I started - live and breath about training.  Hope we didn't scare her off with all our help, but being a vet herself, I am sure she can sift through the crap and find the jewels of knowledge needed to go forward.
After an afternoon of working, it was time to socialize.
The next morning, the parkas had to come out as it was quite winter like outside, and we decided to work in the field.
This was a neat field to work in, and there is is gossip out there that there will be a trial on it this fall.
After we were all done, we let all the dogs have a run.
There was, yet again, time to relax before Randy and Val made it back to Bowden.
Mother's Day was the next day, and Randy had to make sure he got some flowers for Val, or perhaps it was to make sure his children had gotten something for him to give to her....like all good fathers do.
Stephanie and I stayed behind for the roast lamb - no, we didn't have any over the top grips that had to contend with, but it was a stupendous way to end the day and celebrate Chris's birthday.
A couple of Chris's workmates came to celebrate as well.
We sat and visited, and the dogs relaxed.

I then found out that some dogs are like their owners.
 A little bit twisted.
It was a fantastic way to spend the weekend, and really we should do it more often.
Now is the question...will the dogs remember all that was taught this weekend...better yet....will I remember what I taught them this weekend?