Sunday, December 26, 2010

My Biggest Accomplishment

There are a few things in my life I have been happy to accomplish - becoming a veterinarian, working terriers, working border collies, and making loads of friends.
My biggest accomplishment occurred on Christmas Day. Three Wisemen came bearing gifts (however I was wiser in the game of cards) and I cooked Christmas dinner.
In all my years on earth - this was the first turkey I had ever cooked.
No- it wasn't a National Lampoon's turkey - although it could have been if I hadn't put the timer on the stove.
Merry Christmas to all!!!!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Time Is A Coming

These past few years, I haven't been much in the Christmas mood - not sure why - used to be a favorite holiday of mine. But this year is a little different, am getting a slight itch (maybe I have fleas - we see that a lot in this clinic). I can remember when I would count the days until the red fat guy would come, and I can see that in my young niece and nephew as well. Let's face it, the holidays are meant for the kids, and opening gifts are always more fun with a bunch of kids tearing things apart. Chris has often teared things apart as well, but that just makes me irritated since I have to pick up the paper. Holiday gift bags - that's the ticket - highly recommended.
I guess our Christmas gift is the impending move - if you want to say stress is a great gift to have. One of my friends has convinced me to look at it as a new adventure - and that I will.
Sometimes our family gives gifts got from garage sales - a kind of environmental thing for us - perhaps I should think about wrapping up some things that will go into the garage sale we will have in the future - you remember those macrame plant holders - I am sure they are still in style somewhere.