Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Holy Fog

Well, big news is that the Mankota Ranch we were looking at has new owners - and it isn't us. So that means we are off looking at more places. I am not going to say where we went, because of the jinxing that seemed to have occur.

We decided to go on a clear day - NOT! This was the road going to Saskatchewan. We saw massive amount of snow in our travels.

We also saw this poor thing in the ditch - this is Chronic Wasting Disease - a disease of cervids (deer) - I could have touched her if I wanted too. (We saw her on the way back, and at that time there was less fog). After 3 hours of driving we made it to the yard. This fellow runs about 250 cows, and all of them have to have passports.
Snow, snow...everywhere you looked there was snow.
See I told you there was snow. The rancher took us out to see all of his land. Not much to see except....snow.
By the time we were coming home, it was a nice afternoon - and I was thankful I had Dora in 4 wheel drive - this is the hiway on the Alberta side - the Saskatchewan side was actually very good!
So, for the next few weeks we will be seeing other places, as well, I have to write a test for the Saskatchewan Veterinary Medical Association (think of me on April 10th) in Saskatoon. I think I should get some taxes done as well. Dog training, what is that anyways? I will be doing my training on the trial field. Might be drier that way as well.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Yet More Dogs

Our place has increased the population again. Gin had 6 pups - all males - guess she didn't read the book about 50% males and 50%females. Of course, I am stuck in Wetaskiwin, wondering what they look like, so there won't be any pictures until next week. I would say it is good timing on her part - when the pups are ready to go, we will be heading off to the Bluegrass, possibly with one of the pups in tow.
Planning these days for Calvin Jones to come for a clinic at our place (soon to be past place) in early May. Have quite a few people and their dogs signed up. He is going to stay and help us move as well - I guess he kind of owes us - he is the guy that drove the tractor into our truck's radiator. I thought leprechauns were a source of money, not a cost of money. He is going to come with Louanne and myself to the Bluegrass - he is supposed to be on his best behaviour, but I won't be holding my breath.
The snow is still piled high - am very jealous of those who can work their dogs. It does look like I will be training on the field with Flossy. She is bound for the Bluegrass, and I think her ass will be grass. Oh well, it will help me to be humble.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Working Ducks

Our dogs will work anything, and we like to start them young. Ducks are nonthreatening enough.

Have to be careful about the gripping.

All the young ones get a chance to work.

A little feather loss is always expected.
I may have to get new ducks again. They just don't stand up to the abuse sometimes.
(No animals were harmed in the making of this production.)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

There Is Nothing Logical About It

I had to slip into Airdrie today to get a couple things signed by a lawyer (notaries public). I have to have proof I have a degree in veterinary medicine-one of the requirements to become a Saskatchewan Veterinary Medical Association member- so I brought my copy of the degree, and all my identification. Apparently, the original copy has to be seen. Never mind that I have all of my identification - driver's license, SIN, birth certificate and passport. I also have proof that I am a current member of the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association. Do they really think I made a fake degree? I took logics in university - I don't think that lawyers and those that make the rules had to. Logically speaking - if a. there is a copy of a degree, and b. there is proof of being a veterinarian through membership of the national organization then c. that person must have had received a degree. I did receive a degree, and it wasn't out of a Kracker Jack box! Needless to say, I will be in the lawyer's office again tomorrow with the original degree. Sometimes, logic just doesn't make sense to some.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I Can't Believe I Did This

We all have stupid moments - we are all human. But I think I have done one of the stupidist things. I was putting on Dora the Explorer's new seat covers, and just got done the driver's side done, when I went to the other side. Finding the door locked on the passenger side, I peered across and saw that I had locked Dora up tight - tighter than a tightrope. Now, most individuals would have the second pair of keys in a safe place. I do - they are in Dora in the consul. I look down on the keypad outside of the driver's door, and wish I had remembered the number. And am I an AMA member? I was a paid member until February 2011. I didn't renew it because it didn't pay for itself. I do believe the AMA gods are laughing at me right now.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Signs of Spring (Finally)

Finally, 6pm arrives and it isn't nestled in darkness. Could the dog days of summer be coming around the corner?
No, it is just a bunch of dogs around the corner!

The sun is finally shining, the days are getting longer, and cabin fever is at the highest. Slush is one of my favorite things in the springtime. But you know what happens when spring arrives, the birds and bees also come.

Gin has been hit by the birds and the bees (aka Don (Juan)). Or, she has swallowed a huge watermelon.

She has about 14 days left, how many are there, she only knows.

That doesn't stop her from running with the rest of the crew in the warm weather.
Treasures are found in the ditch - sticks, cans, you name it. Wish they would find a pot of gold.

Creed possibly could have been a search and rescue dog.

Frantically he worked his way through the drift to find the prize.

Gin also had to help, even in her condition.
In the end, the stick was saved. Will probably have to save that same stick tomorrow.

Tax Pain

I think I have tax pain. It had started 4 days ago, woke up with a pain on the left side of the back - now I have had back pain, and I know what that felt like, this was totally different. It hurt to breath in, and was a sharp pain. Now added to this was a sharp pain in my right butt cheek - if I poked it just right, it would send me through the roof. I wasn't able to lift my leg up to step on a flight of stairs, couldn't lift my leg to get into Dora the (Ford) Explorer, let alone walk. With the combination of the two opposite, yet like pain areas, getting into bed was a fiasco, getting comfortable took 10 minutes, getting out was a 20 minute affair. Needless to say, it was easier sleeping on the couch for the last couple of days versus the bed. Several Advil were taken, and seemed to help a bit. Today I don't feel half bad, might even venture to see about chasing some sheep I feel so chipper.
What was the cause of this sudden pain? The only thing I can think of is that the day before all of this started, I thought I would go for a walk during lunch. Exercise kills. Don't do it. Save yourselves, and sit on the couch and eat bonbons.