Friday, February 21, 2014

Slow As Molasses In January (and December, and February)

Okay, sorry.  The excuses can be everything from, work, dog trials, work, dog trials, and work.  One excuse I cannot use is housework...which I have done very little lately.  It is like a season of Dallas, and the question, "Who shot JR?"  The audience waiting with great anticipation to see what happens next in the ongoing saga of a lady...gone to the dogs.
Waaaayyyyy back in August of the year of our Lord 2013, we had finished the Canadian Border Collie Association Championships, and the next big trials were about to occur.  In the midst of waiting for trials, the birds and the bees were busy at our place.
Scotty and Fiona welcomed into the world 10 bundles of joy, with huge appetites.
 Some of them bid farewell, and became new security guards. 
 Two of them, Duane (Dog the Bounty Hunter) and Karma (she is a bitch) stayed behind to follow in their mother and father's footsteps.
Also during the summer, some yearlings were sent to market with help of neighbors trailing them to the yards.  This was not without drama, when a grain truck ran into the herd.  The beef resulting from this was very tender. 
Chris Jobe hosted her first Cypress Hills Trial, and what I remember of this was the wind, and toilets flying around.  Talk about shit hitting the fan.  But the show still went on!
This trial would help gear us up for the finale of the year, the USBCHA National Finals in Virginia.  Gin and Ky would be going this year.  Gin would go ahead of us, having a romance with Ky's father Don.  Ky, ended up flying with the Canadian contingency which would meet me there - Louanne Twa, Michelle Bryan and Billie Richardson.
The trio picked me up at the Dulles Airport, and we made a quick tour of Washington before we settled down for the trial.  The government had shut down at this time and all we could do is see everything from our vehicle (personally I think the Obama's didn't want us to visit because they would be overwhelmed by our class).
This tour bus would show us the way.

 After our whirlwind tour, we headed .back to the trial in Virginia. Gin was co-pilot.  She is such a good driver.
Meeting up with old friends is always the best when going to trials.
 Michelle's main job, as well as to be a guru, was also to finish her Master's.
 She was also designated drinker.
 Virginia 2013 was to be known as the trial where everyone wore rain gear.  At times, I was expecting an ark to float by.
Billie asking the Gods to stop the rain.
 She saved me from bugs that were raining from the ceiling.
 Ky watched the action from the sidelines.  I really do not remember how Ky and Gin did - obviously not stellar since we were banished to watch the action behind the fence.
 Louanne would get to the Nursery semifinals with Gus, Ky's younger brother.
 Billie would show the spectators what a good Aussie could do, getting into the semifinals in the Nursery.
 In the end, the 2013 Nursery Champion would be Scott Glen and Alice (Ky's and Gus's sister).  Go Canada!!
  Sometimes we would be caught with our pants down.
 Scott Glen would get into the finals, and eventually win the 2013 USBCHA National Finals with Don - Ky's father, and Gin's main squeeze.

 For midday entertainment there would be a mud bog... well as the ceremonies.
 Thanks Bellgrove for the memories.
Oh yeah, thanks Michelle for the memories.  The drive back to Canada would have been so boring without you.
There was a little napping along the way back home.
We met up with fellow Canadians at the border.
Home to the sunshine.
We behaved ourselves at the border, and we got across with no problems.
One last drink to celebrate the great times and memories had.
So there it was, in a nutshell.  The trip was crazy nuts.  The Canadian Contingency got home, and got ready for the next trial (since that is what we do).  That story will follow.