Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Many Faces Of Facebook

Will you accept my friend request?  Hello......helloooooo?
Why at this time in my life do I find it important that a person accepts my friend request?  Why do I feel like the 7 year old barred from the sandbox when some one does not accept my request, or worse yet - unfriends me. 
Oh my God....why are they not liking my post?  What did I do to them that they would ignore my posts.  Why are they not following me?  Did I write  something wrong in the past?  Did I post a picture I shouldn't have? I have to block.  I certainly don't need that poison in my life.  Does not matter if you are are now dead to me.
Who is this person that I have friended who now throws words out that hurt like a dagger....I thought they were a friend. I guess they were more of an acquaintance - best click that box.  I hate to unfriend you, since I do want to see what you are up to.  Maybe there should be a stalker box to be clicked.
Whoa, I sure don't agree with what you say, I am going to have to put my two cents there in there.  Now that there is no pennies in Canada, that rounds down to 0 cents.  Guess that is what it is worth.
I will try poking you, and see if you still remember me, since it has been ages since you have liked or responded to anything I have written.  Possibly I will gain the courage and send you a private message.  Or I can be gutsy and have the whole Facebook world read about it.
Okay....just one more picture of my cat, I really want you to like him as much as I do.  Better yet, I will give him his own page, so that you can know him personally.
Tis a sad day when a cat's Facebook page gets more likes than a person.
Tis a sad day that it bothers you that a cat gets more likes than you do.
Tis a sad day when the definition of a friend is limited to the confines of a multibillion website.
Guess what -  just because it says they are a Facebook friend, that does not that make them a true friend.
(((Ring, Ring)))) Hello?  Oh, hello friend.  God I like to hear from you.


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