Monday, February 9, 2015

Sticks And Stones

We have come to an age where you must be very careful what you say - you may inadvertently poke the sensitivity bear.
Happy Holidays is now written on many cards to appease the non-Christians.  As Good Friday is coming, I wonder how many of those non-Christians are using that day as a holiday.  It should go both ways as I see it.
"I may only fit a size XXXXXL but don't call me fat, I have a medical condition - you are being disrespectful to me if you ask me not to sit in your plastic lawn chair!"
No lady, I just don't want to buy another chair.
"When you say, that I look like death warmed over, would that not be showing disrespect for all of the people buried in the cemetery?"
How are they going to know?
"How would you feel if you had no arms, and someone called a three legged dog Tripod?"
Probably nothing, since I have no arms.
How about...a true story this is (all is true in these ramblings)...of the highway worker who had been notified by his supervisor that he was causing abuse to animals.  A motorist had noted him dragging a dead deer off of the highway.  This is abuse to all intelligent people.
"You must have been dropped as a baby."
HUGE disrespect to all ugly people.
"Meet my dog Lil' Midge."
Sorry dwarf people...little people....short statured humans.
I used to play Cowboys and its Cowboys and First Nations People.
When an aboriginal calls himself an Indian, does he have self respect?
"Don't call me a crooked gives crooks a bad name."
I have a cat named Snothead.  I apologize to all those people with sinus problems.
Please don't go postal on me. 
Canada Post workers will take it to heart.


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