Monday, January 19, 2015

It May Not Be Cuba, But It Starts With A C

Winter getaways - we all need them.  Basking in the sun drinking by the beach... Who would not like this type of holiday?
We may be in the minority, since we are more likely to pack up our winter clothes, load up the dogs, and go to a dog trial.  Denver Stock Show here we come!
After leaving Neil - our own military personel- a cheat sheet of who's who in the dog runs (just call them "You sonofa bitches" they usually come to that Neil) we set off for our week holiday.  We brought a little Karma with us, about 70 pounds worth.  I told the border people that she was going to make her new home looking after sheep in Colorado.  "How long will she be there?" they asked.  "Until she dies", I said.  When they said they would have to check to see if we could go across with her, I muttered " Karma's a bitch".  Thankfully they did not hear this, since I would have likely been on the next episode of Border Patrol.  They eventually gave our paper work back and wished us a good trip -and the 49th was at our backsides.  
We had left Dora the Explorer at home so her brakes could be worked on - apparently they are important.  Texas Theresa (the truck that we brought from Texas and works like a migrant - usually only for half a year) was entrusted for the trip.  Billings was our first layover, and we would end up at Nancy's Inn by the next day.  I had planned to do some shopping on the way down, but could not find anything exciting at the LoafNJug.  
What was learned on the first part of trip was - be insistent telling your husband to fuel up the vehicle.  Otherwise you will be coasting on fumes and you may have a headache from the smoke coming from your ears.

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