Friday, April 9, 2010

Blizzard 2010

You have heard about the saying in Alberta - wait 10 minutes and the weather will change? Well it sure changed yesterday.
Birds were singing cheerfully in the afternoon, then they stopped - likely because a 80 KM/hour wind whipped up and blew them away.
Then the temperature dropped 15 degrees.
We stupidly went to Calgary to attend a presentation for a travel company (who wouldn't pass up a free dinner for just attending - okay I suppose most would, but my birthday is creeping up and it gets Chris out of taking me out for dinner).
On our drive in we hit hail, then snow, then the ditch (no we didn't, the sentence just progressed nicely). Actually, other people hit the ditch.
After convincing the travel people we didn't need to be part of their membership to get cheap rates (because we're not going to Hawaii this year, we plan to go to the sprawling metropolis of Maple Creek, Saskatchewan for the Western Canadian Finals this year), we ate our lovely pasta dish (which I am sure was created by Chef Boyardee) and travelled back home so we could watch Survivor.
Driving back home was an episode of Survivor. I would have loved to punted the person ahead of me going 20km/hour.
By seeing the multitude of semi trucks in the ditch, I would guarantee a bunch of men had to change their underwear last night. It made me slow down to 50km/hr (not sure why Chris closed his eyes so tightly for the ride home).
The hiway was a standstill of hazard blinking vehicles - we found a gravel road, plowed through the snow drifts, and finally got home.
We just made it in time to see Coach voted off.
Woke up this morning, and the birds are singing again. Hang onto your perches guys - they are promising 15 cm in the next couple of days.
In the meantime - I'll go find my Muckboots again and walk the dogs in the slush.

From green to white in 10 minutes - the lovely weather of Alberta.

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  1. Hi Wendy
    We got a broken coated Jack from you just over two years ago - you called him Donny but we named him Eli (Dr. Eli Morpheus, Evil Genius to be exact). He has us out walking in Bowmont park 1.5 - 2 hours every day, even on the blizzard day. Eli doesn't mind the cold weather, so long as he has fresh warm laundry to crawl into when he gets home!
    We loved to see the pictures of your dogs, and we're sure that Artie must be Eli's dad because they could use each other as shaving mirrors - that is if Jack's shaved. It was that Artie was standing in a bucket of water in one picture that made us sure - Eli loves his "swimmies" - on hot days he just runs into the river without any encouragement. Even on somewhat cold days, it doesn't take him a lot to get in the water - and you should see how muscley his shoulders get in the summer!
    Anyway, just thought you might want to hear about one of your puppies - we absolutely adore him - he's our "lifestyle consultant" because he relieves stress with his riduculus antics and keeps us active!

    Annie and Will Carlson (and of course Eli!)