Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bo Peep And The Sheep Are Home

Loaded up the dogs and we were on the road by 7 am from Sommer's this morning. Stopped in Saskatoon to pick up lambing supplies for my new mini-flock.
I had to go to Vegreville, Alberta - home of the largest pystanka. What the heck is a pystanka, and why does it have to be so large? Found out it is the name of the Ukranian Easter Egg. You could feed alot of Ukranians with that Easter Egg-it is gigantic (sorry there is no picture, it was too big to photograph).
I picked up the lambs - turned out to be 13 instead of 10 - he had another set of quadruplets born and stripped those off as well. Ended up with 8 ewe lambs and 5 ram lambs.

Not sure if the dogs were impressed that they had to give up their spot for some bawling lambs, but I guess it was better than walking.

Got them all home and fed them all. The 6 teated bucket did not work as well as I had hoped, and I ended up giving their milk with pop bottles. I really have to get that bucket to work - I will have to get Chris to suck on the teats to get them started I guess (I told him that this was the plan and he got this weird grin on his face-not sure why).
Their bellies were full, and they settled down for a snooze. Guess I will be doing that for the next week or so-they'll have to be fed every 6 hours.
Wonder if TLC could do a show on us.
They could call it - "Wendy and Chris Plus 13" - darn that doesn't flow too well - guess we can get 7 more and call it "Chris and Wendy Plus 20" - not sure if my teats can handle that many though.


  1. what you need to do is get them up to the bucket and squeeze the teat putting some milk into their mouths They will catch on if they are hungry!!

  2. I don't any pics of those ballerina feet!

    Happy Birthday!