Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pleasantdale Is Very Pleasant

This was a very good day today - the sun came out, and I actually didn't have to put on the winter jacket today. The rubber boots, however, had to be worn. Thank God for the Muck Boot. Neil Sutter stopped by today as well, and we all sat back and critiqued the other's dogs. I will tell you - there are a good number of new dogs coming out this year. I will tell you another thing - it is amazing how well some dogs train so quickly with so little training (I was told today that the dog was only out for the second time - and it already has a 150 yard outrun, stops on top, and doesn't rush in-possibly I will sell him the bridge I own in Niagara Falls:)). In all seriousness, the young dogs are looking really good, and it is a testament of the good breeding in Western Canada.
I was getting some help from Norm to perfect the outrun in my young dogs, and like all dog trainers know, sometimes you might have to throw something to make those dogs give a little more ground. Well, Floss was on the receiving end of a water bottle thrown at her as she was coming around the sheep - did that phase her - no, not at all. Did she give ground - well, not exactly. It did make her pause for abit. As Norm threw that bottle towards her, you actually could see her eyes light up and say "you mean we get to play fetch?" I can still see Norm running towards her saying "she's got my water bottle!!" We all cracked a gut laughing at that. She did start giving ground, and the water bottle was saved.
You could see the relief on the yearling ewes today as the sun set down and we went in for supper. Don't worry girls, we will be out tomorrow again.

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