Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Talent Comes In Many Forms

Talent comes in many forms. Border Collies can be very talented in their jobs, but this is another talent that many dogs do not learn.
This is Mike. His talent lies in how he keeps the coyotes at bay.
Mike, also keeps the Jack Russells at bay. I cannot blame him really, the obnoxious snots that they are.

As you can tell, Cliff was too obnoxious - Mike had enough and bit Cliff's leg and broke it. I had to remove it because it wouldn't heal. Doesn't slow him down though.

And this is where Cliff talent lies - he is still able to mark his territory - but now he does it balancing on two legs.

He can lift his right or his left leg to relieve himself. His balancing technique is remarkable to watch.
Chris wants to know what is the big deal-he is able to do it on two legs all of the time.

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