Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dog Poor We Are Not

Every day I go and walk the dogs 7:30 am.
I find it as a good socialization for the young dogs - makes it nicer travelling on the road with them. Teaches them a few manners as well.

Lots of times, treasures can be found in the ditches - sticks, pop bottles, and I am sure some old dead thing by the way they roll in a certain spot every morning. It has a faint odor of Pepe La Pew.

I find it a good socialization period for the pups - I started taking the 8 week old pups out a few days ago - they are knackered by the time they get back the yard.

Funny, I can always tell when one is missing-a sixth sense perhaps. Yup, I know exactly how many dogs we have. The head count is between 15 and 20. There is 6 Jack Russells (plus 2 pups, but they don't count), and 14 Border Collies (includes 4 pups, but 2 are leaving). So that is around the 20 mark.

Thank God for my fingers and toes.
At least when Chris walks them, he can count to 21.


  1. I love your humour..I thought only I had that warped way of thinking. Keep posting... I check every day! Looking forward to your visit....Bev

  2. Your blogs make me smile...and laugh! Keep them coming. Holly