Friday, April 16, 2010

My Rent Has Come Due

Well, it has been a very good couple of days here at Norm and Bev's - the dogs have definitely have improved over the past few days - thanks to Norm and some training tips. I have never been one to follow just one person's method - I think you can learn from all handlers. Take what makes sense to you and use it, discard the rest. All dogs don't train the same, so there are different ways to obtain the same result as well. Don't get bogged down by the small stuff. And that concludes my inspirational talk for today.

Did some sheep buying today - been trying to get a few sheep - my flock of 10 will be coming home with me when I go home. Right now it is a mini-flock. Okay, they are bottle lambs - they will be riding in the dog trailer home. Gotta start somewhere right? I am going to pick them up along the hiway - feel like I am doing a drug deal or something (not that I have ever done one - except selling a bottle of penicillin to a rancher).

I would have planned to stay longer (and it seems that I would have been allowed to stay longer because no one has been locking me out of the house when I go walk my dogs), but I have to get back home to get a pedicure done. Yes, I am foregoing dog training for my ugly feet. It was a gift from Chris for Christmas, and I think he may be telling me something. He always complains of my horse hooves when I try to warm up my feet at night - the romance is not over after 16 years of marriage. I don't relish the thought of someone touching my feet, but I will try anything once. Seems like it may be a waste though - they will be contained in my Muck Boots when I go to the barn the next day. As I think of it, maybe Chris should do some waxing for me - on second thought, there may not be enough wax in the world to take the hair off his back (so sorry for the visual I probably left in some people's minds).

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