Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Trip to the Homeland

Have gone to Saskatchewan for a week - Mom was having her birthday, so thought I would come out and have some cake. I don't bake - not because I can't, it's because I need the urge to do it - the urge is not there. Chris however has donned an apron once or twice to make a chocolate cake - promise I will send a picture of that one day - that picture is worth 10 thousand words.

Anyways, the weather here has not been that good - there was a wind (which thankfully blew me to Saskatchewan, and saved me loads on gas money), then it decided to rain (or snow, depending which end of the province you were in). Who was talking about drought? I personally thought the rain came from a higher power to put out the inferno which was on my Mom's cake (sorry, but 79 are alot of candles).

I brought a slew of dogs with me - 12 (had to take off my right sock to count them all) took the trek out to Broadview, Saskatchewan. Thankfully Mom and Dad live next to a large empty lot, so have a good place to let the dogs out. Brought the young pups to teach them travelling manners - so far so good.

After a few days of playing cards and building puzzles with Mom and Dad (yes, retired folk are very busy), I set out to Pleasantdale to visit Norm and Bev Sommers and to train some dogs. When I got here, Bev let me put my two youngest border collies with their pup. I wish I had a picture to show you the drowned rat (yes there are rats in Saskatchewan) that once was a pretty handsome pup called Tim. Let me say, fun was had.

Got here today at 5, and directly went and trained some dogs. Trialers be forwarned - Norm has some very good dogs - maybe he won't notice if I take a few of his dogs - he has to take his and Bev's socks off to count their dogs as well.

Going to stay here for a couple of days (the food is good, the company is great and the training is fun) - better than any Sandals Resort.

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