Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Counting The Sleeps

A few more days and we'll be off to the Bluegrass. I have been busy training the dogs after work, but last night I took the night off and went golfing instead. Let me say, that I am not a golfer at all-I am no Tiger Woods. I went with Shawna from work - I lost 5 balls - but I found 3 so that was good. There was also a raffle after the golf night, and I won some pink balls - however I think that won't prevent me from knocking them into the water like I did last night.
After the clinic this past weekend, Calvin Jones from Wales has been able to give a few lessons, but mostly Chris has been working him like one of our nephews. We just about killed him the other day with an angry cow - Calvin was saying how he had to scramble up the side of the chute to save his life. Much like our nephews. The days have been filled with tagging the cows, tagging calves and getting the trucks all ready since Friday will be the first day the ladies will be relocated to Saskatchewan summer pastures. About nine loads should get everything there, and then there will be a load of horses to get there of course. Oh yes, also the sheep. Stormy Winters will be our pasture manager for our sheep this year until we can get things fenced for them. We will have to get them shorn before they go as well. Too many things to get done in a small amount of time. We also have to plan for branding for the calves as well. There are a few vet students that are working at Wetaskiwin that may come and help tackle that job -they may not know what they are in for.
Our official new address will be Box 39, McCord, Saskatchewan - SOH 2T0 - drop us a line. Better yet, come and stop by!

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  1. Wendy I can't thank you enough for the clinic and introducing me to Calvin! On Monday I showed up for a lesson and saw him log off his long work day, LOL. BUT I also saw Chris roping and tagging calves. He took a break to bring sheep for my lesson, riding his horse and with a dog. I wished I had a camera. You probably see this so often, but I was mesmerized and know my friends and family in Ontario would never even believe me if I described it. Get a picture for your blog! It is such an awesome sight!