Saturday, May 21, 2011

Pixie Dust IS Priceless

Sorry Tommy, but I HAD to use the pixie dust. I had run 41 position in the second go round with Gin and we got a combined score of 149. Eighty five dogs had to run, and there were many dogs to drop me off of the top 20. Tommy Wilson and Sly was the last dog to run that could bump me off, I was on 20th hole. I took my Voodoo doll of Tommy, found a bunch of pins, grabbed a handful of Pixie dust and threw it all at him. Unfortunately (but fortunately for me!), Tommy and Sly did not get a shed or pen, so left quite a few points on the field and allowed Gin and I to get in!! Bless his heart - he came up to me after and said that he did it for me. I have to phone my family tonight and send an email to my friends to let everyone know when we will run in the double lift tomorrow. The other Canadian - Scott Glen and Don are in as well. I have to take a picture of the position board to have all the names down. Pictures later for sure!!!
That wasn't the best of it, I was the announcer for most of the day, commentating on many of the runs. Also, we also did a herding demo at the wool festival that is held at the same time - sorry Chris, I am bringing some stuff from here along. So tomorrow, we will do the double lift, do another demo, and start driving toward Chicago - and the best is yet to come!! Calvin will be placed on the plane to go home. I saw his face on a milk carton the other day, it is time for him to go home.

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