Friday, May 20, 2011

Pixie Dust Duty Charges - $40, Being 13th Overall - Priceless

Well, the first few days of the Bluegrass is over. I hadn't been able to get to a computer for the last few days - early mornings and late nights. In a nutshell, this is what has occurred. Flossy should have been left home for one thing. The first day she didn't get to the sheep, so I was able to go back with her to find them the first day. The second day, she found them - although I had to send her back to find them as she was about to cross the course. She completely forgot her flanks, and I walked off. Today her look back was even more spectacular, was able to stop her up on top, and then once again, she didn't give on her flanks - oh well, back to the drawing board as they say. I will have to draw out a flank and show her what it is. I have to prevent her from learning bad habits, such as drinking and driving (she had picked up a pop can right before going onto the field, and would have brought it out if I didn't stop her). My first run with Gin was pretty good - had a 62 without a shed and pen on Wednesday. On Thursday, Calvin, Louanne and I went to a racing stable- found a Blue Jay on a fence, but no horses. I think they are all waiting to run the Preakness (or is it the Belmont Stakes) this weekend. We had a quick dinner, and Calvin and Louanne gave me a shedding lesson using forks and spoons. It came in quite handy today - Gin had a really good run at 87! We almost knocked down the second drive panel on the way back - the sheep received some splinters I am sure since they were right against the panel. Of course, after we made them, I got over exuberant and made a wide turn instead. My photographer Louanne Twa, yes that is Louanne Twa, forgot to take pictures of the run today, so the pictures of me running in my thongs will never be seen. Okay, there wasn't any thongs, but there was a heck of a jig done at the end of the pen for Debbie Bailey. Right now we are 13th overall, and 2nd for day money, but there are ALOT of good dogs and handlers left to go. I had brought a 40 pound bag of pixie dust - I hope that will be enough.

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