Thursday, May 12, 2011

John Daly Have You Lost Something

I have decided I am going to move my carcass more these days, the winter has been a very long one, and I am fearful to wear my shorts (though it won't stop me from doing so). So this morning I thought I would start my day with a walk with my dogs. The hotel we stay at is basically on the outskirts of Wetaskiwin, and we see a few seedy types during the week. I am afraid Lysterine is a favorite drink of some of the Hobema residents - great teeth but not so great livers. So I took the hounds out this morning, and in the ditch I thought I saw the remains of an Indian burial ground, but instead I find a full set of golf clubs in a bag - they were even balls, tees and socks for the drivers. So John Daly, if you have lost your clubs - contact me - you'll find me on the golf course.


  1. I just heard that Tiger pulled out of the current tourney that he is in. Maybe he got rid of his clubs.

  2. Now that you have your OWN set of clubs, may I suggest a driving range practice run at lunch hour? For me....the mini putt. Yes, you are far superior on the green. Was it the tartan clad knickers you were sporting? I must say, I have to look into a pair of those!

    I noticed you left your clubs behind this week while you are in Kentucky. I will keep them warm until our next trip to the links. Until then they will make nice cattle herding sticks in the large animal ward.

    Seriously; I wish you all the luck at your trial this up-coming week!