Sunday, May 22, 2011

I, Had The Time Of My LIfe, And I Never....

...thought it would be so fun. Make sure you read the previous posts for the antics during the Bluegrass-there were technical difficulties getting the daily reports in. Today was the double lift, and Gin and I ran in 10th position. It must have been at least 87 degrees - the lambs did NOT want to move - it was like pushing string. We hit all of our panels, but the lines were not that great, and by the time Gin got into the ring, she was ready to pack her bags and get back on the plane for home. We were attempting the shed, and there was one renegade with a collar that looked mighty good on a plate by the time the run was over. In the end, we ended up in 17th spot with a rip roaring score of 71. Scott and Don ended up in Reserve, and Don's mother ended up Champion. There was a little storm that busted through to stop the activities, and also helped to cool things down a bit. After all the prizes were given out, we reloaded the Toyota Sierra once again, cleaned out some dog kennels due to some diarrhea (Yeah!!), stuffed Calvin in the back (sitting on his jacket since I had left the windows down), and Louanne peeled out of Lexington. Forty minutes later we left Lexington - SOMEONE (we won't name who - okay it was me) directed the driver to go the wrong way, so we drove the ring road around Lexington until we were able to go in the right direction. I swear, it wasn't my fault - Kentucky doesn't believe in good road signs!! We found a good radio station, Calvin sang Lady GaGa, Louanne sang the Erythmics, I plugged my ears and nose and we ended up in Lebanon at a princess motel for Princess Louanne. We have about 2 hours to get to Chicago in the morning - finally Calvin gets to go home (praise the Lord), and Louanne and I will fly home a few hours later. Hopefully we can find some corks for our dogs, but probably we will just pick up Peptomismol in the morning.

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