Sunday, May 8, 2011

Gone To The Dogs

This weekend has been pretty busy with the dogs. Friday, we started the 2 day clinic with Calvin Jones. He flew in on Tuesday, and he helped Chris with spring duties until the clinic started. He found out how quick he could climb corral panels one day - one of our cows thought Calvin was a matador. Needless to say, I do believe some shorts had to be put in the wash that night. We were able to find a kid's western saddle, and he was the hired man to move some cows from a field. Cheeks were sore - both from laughing and riding-but the job was done.

The clinic we did catered to everyone - from the very novice, to the seasoned handler. Louanne came out the first day as well, putting her Craig through his paces before we head out to Kentucky. Lois and Wizard, Megan and Veda and Nancy and Envy did very well as the novice people and their novice dogs. All of them learned from their dogs the art of moving stock - although it was rough in the beginning- by the end of the clinic they were out in the field doing walkabouts with their dogs.

This is Megan and her dog Veda - a rescue from Alabama. Not sure what the breeding was, but obviously was good.

Donna and her dogs Ted and Jet were out - it looks like she'll be doing novice classes this year with these two.

This is Lois and Wizard (sorry, he was cut out of the picture). Another rescue dog that showed a lot of style.

The weather fared well- sunny and not windy - and we just about got done when a storm passed through. Sleet is what we had, and the girls had to wait (both the wet and the woolly type) until it passed so we could finish the last of the workouts. Jill and Kate, Val and Brie, and Deb and Zero were there for the bitter end.

It took about 5 minutes for things to get white. Meanwhile, Calvin was talking about the heat wave he left back in Wales. Welcome to Alberta weather.

At least a rainbow came at the end of the storm. I thought there is supposed to be gold at the end of the rainbow, not asses. She is a golden ass - she is worth her weight in gold for keeping coyotes from the sheep.

After we were done, we met up with Milton and Leanne for a wind down. However, as the evening carried on, it became a wind up.

Only a few barley malts were drank, I promise, only a few.

I found out I was quite the pool shark as well. I should have played for money - I beat Milton twice, Calvin, Chris and this fellow called Kallen (rhymes with Helen). I said it was simple physics - not that it was my favorite subject in school - but it seemed to help with my game. I think I may have to take Stormy Winters on-I may be on a role.

Good friends and good times.

Calvin was on Wales Idol - but I think eating meatloaf would be better for him rather than singing it.

We have a one day judging clinic - Chris Jobe, Donna Brinkworth, Jill Brodie and Naomi Shields will be out. It is too bad that there weren't a few more to attend - people don't realize how much fun it has been - but then, I can have fun anywhere. Calvin will be coming back in October, so we can do this all over again.

We have another week of Calvin - I am not sure whether my liver can take it. Thank god I have a reprieve and I have to work the week in Wetaskiwin. In the upcoming week some cows will be moved to their new home with the help of our new hired man (Calvin). McCord, Saskatchewan will be our new home. It is now official, the garage sale will be soon. Look for the balloons.


  1. Thanks again Wendy for hosting a fantastic weekend. I'm totally hooked.

    Megan and Veda

  2. I just loved the whole clinic - thank you so much! Thanks for the pic of me with Ted too! Thank you Calvin! (see you tonight)