Sunday, May 15, 2011

One More Sleep (Or Rather-Two And A Half Hour Nap)

Since Calvin has arrived, he has turned into a real cowboy. As I was spaying dogs, and playing rounds of golf with my new clubs (must read previous blog), Calvin was helping Chris with the cows, tagging calves, getting trucks ready for the haul to our new pasture in Saskatchewan and mucking about with the young dogs. I can't believe it, but a Welshman has seen our new place even before I have seen it. His exact words were "no one can commit suicide there by hanging, there are no trees." I am not sure if he will ever come back - he went with Chris with the cows on Friday, with plans to get back by early morning the next day. The poor guy had to sleep at our new place without any blankets (but I am told there was no cuddling like Brokeback Mountain, but there were thoughts of it as it froze that night), then in the morning a true cowboy breakfast was served - a Wagon Wheel, Jube Jubes and water. Yes, we do know how to show a great time to a foreigner.

This is not the true cow which sent Calvin scrambling up the chute - but a very good representation.
In the week he was here, he got our 8 month old Jet working quite nicely on sheep - she was holding singles and all. Cripes - I am even talking like a Welshman -where's the soap?

Being Sunday, the day before the trip to the Bluegrass in Kentucky, we thought we would be easy on Calvin. After watching Coronation Street (in which he told me what happens in 6 months time on the show, and I pleaded him not too), he went and checked the cows. He came back asking whether coyotes came in all colors - the neighbor's dog decided it is fun to kill my sheep. Before they left for Saskatchewan, I had 8 lambs, now I only have 3 and I have 2 less ewes. Needless to say, we moved some sheep today to safer fields. Nice parting gift from the neighbors.

So Jenny the donkey has been brought off the shelf to help tend the ewes and lambs.

Who is the biggest ass? It definitely is not Jenny. Depends on the time of day and whether they have had their morning tea or not.
Calvin has packed his recycled grass stained jeans and will be heading out with myself and Louanne to Kentucky in a few hours. We will land in Chicago, and Louanne will be the tour guide to Lexington. All I say, is Calvin better behave himself, or he may find himself hitchhiking along the road. Or it may be me.....we will see.

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  1. Wendy, this is a hilarious post, except for the very sad news about your lambs and ewes - how horrible. Thanks for sharing and GOOD LUCK to you and Louanne! Have fun everyone!