Saturday, May 19, 2012

Alberta Bound-A Trial Of (Nit) Wits

After practicing on the ducks at the Regina Pet Expo, I felt confident that my dogs were ready for the first trial - the Alberta Stockdog Association Field Trial was held outside of Okotoks.  The handlers could view the nice mountain scene if their run wasn't going well.  I looked at that scene many times during the weekend.
 The mornings were crisp - but everyone was raring to go, including the dogs.
We sat back and watched the runs as they unfolded.  Some folded up like a tent in a wind. 
 Small family reunions occurred.  Louanne Twa's Gus and his grandma Gyp did their trialing by the sidelines. 
 My friend Penny and the young lady she cares for came out to watch.
 Ellen's motto of life is "Don't Worry, Be Happy"-a motto that many should live by.
 We used Louanne Twa's flock for the trial.  She wasn't in this picture, but #144 was the cruel jokester of the group.  Sorry Louanne for setting that one out for you.
 The novice people were out in full force, showing their reflex moves.
 I thought I would take a nice picture of Naomi Shields and Nim at the pen.
 I then asked Naomi if she could take a picture of me and Floss.  Here I am with her.
 Here is another flattering picture of myself - I haven't looked so small (Naomi, there is a zoom button on the camera).
 We all helped to set out the sheep.  Billie worked like a dog down at the pens.
 Stormy and Meg set out in style.
 Every day crepes were eaten - except by Norm Sommers - he wouldn't eat those "creepies".  If you ask him out for supper, only offer him potatoes, meat and corn.  He loves cheesecake (but hates cream cheese), that white cheese is horrible, cottage cheese makes his blood curdle-don't try to hide it in lasagna or he will find it (like a drug sniffing dog).  If you offer him bruchetta, call it like it is - tomatoes, but don't be suprised if he ends up calling it borscht and it ends up in the garbage.  Also, he hates ceasar salad - I think he is prejudiced - he has something against white.
 Religion played a part during the trial - peace be with you.  I prayed to the dog trialing gods many times during the weekend - I think they were out.
 On Saturday, some of the bars opened early.  I promised the bartender I wouldn't mention any names.  I fulfilled your wish Chris Hanson.
 A Saturday night handler's supper - lots of meat present.
 The big winners of the trial were the Zoerbs (winning Nursery, ProNovice and Open), Jerry Kubatoff and Anita Ashton. Gin finally decided to listen on the last day, but then my eyesight wasn't very good, since I missed drive panels. I really wish there was a bubble award - I was on it several times - just out of the money. I was happy with Floss - first time in the open and she got her sheep - we got a shed and pen as well - I do have to remind her it isn't a speed event though.
 After the awards, I trundled back home.  Note to self - you can't leave the back door of Dora open - it drains her battery.  After Dora was boosted, I made it towards Medicine Hat to stay with Mildred Barry for the night.  The drive would not be uneventful, as I was driving through the town of Gleichen, the flashing purple and blue lights stopped me.  "Do you know why I stopped you?" Mr. Policeman asked.  I replied, "Not a clue."  Apparently  I did not come to a full stop at the stop sign.  Registration and licence given, I was prepared to receive that pukey yellow paper.  He came back and told me to have a nice evening.  Thank you Mr. Policeman-I will stop (a complete stop) by and drop off a box of Timbits the next time I am through.

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